Hot wrap

Hot wrap

Wrapping - one of the most effective and popular cosmetic procedures to improve the condition of the skin and subcutaneous fat. As the temperature regime used mixtures and method of exposure are three types of wraps: hot, cold and isothermal (close to body temperature).

The goals and the effect of hot wraps

Hot wrap used for slimming and getting rid of cellulite. This procedure contributes to the expansion of blood vessels, activating blood circulation, strengthen the epidermal barrier permeability. At the same time through the open pores are derived toxins, and the skin is saturated with active ingredients, minerals and vitamins.

This procedure stimulates lipolysis - the process of digestion and excretion of fat and helps to normalize metabolism. As a result, the wrapping there is such an effect:

  • skin regeneration;
  • increasing skin elasticity;
  • reduction of "orange peel";
  • reduction of waist circumference and hip.
Types of hot wraps

Depending on the composition of mixtures for the procedure, divided these types of wraps:

  • seaweed;
  • Mud or clay;
  • honey;
  • chocolate ;
  • oil;
  • grape;
  • herbal and other.

Hot wraps at home

Hot wrap - a simple procedure that can be done at home. First of all, you should prepare the skin problem areas - use a scrub (for example, coffee) and have a light warm-up massage. After this mixture was applied, the temperature should be 38 - 39 ° C. With the help of a special film, these areas of the body wrap, and can be put on top of warm clothing or a blanket to hide. Duration of treatment - 30 - 60 minutes. After this time should take a shower and use anti-cellulite cream. Wraps spend 2 - 3 times a week general course of 10 - 12 procedures.

Recipes mixes for hot wraps:

  1. Chocolate: 400-500 g of cocoa Pour hot water until creamy state.
  2. The oil: in 50 ml of oil (jojoba, wheat germ, olive, almond or other.) Add 4 - 5 drops of essential oil of orange or grapefruit, heat in a water bath.
    Hot wrap
  3. Honey: Honey mixed in equal proportions with milk or fresh juice of citrus fruits, heat in a water bath.

Contraindications to the hot wrapping:

  • varicose veins ;
  • hypertension;
  • dermatological diseases;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • gynecological diseases;
  • pregnancy.

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