LPG-massage - contraindication

LPG-massage - contraindication

Wanting to adjust its shape and prolong youth, women choose the most advanced procedures that are coming up with beauticians. But even in the most effective and safest of them there are a number of contraindications to their holding.

In this article you will learn what are the contraindications of massage LPG hardware and if they have any side effects.

The essence of the LPG-massage

The principle of this cosmetic procedure is that the vacuum roller massager, comprising revolving rollers simultaneously captures the deep layers of the skin, forming a fold, and it acts on the vacuum. This promotes fragmentation of fat cells, increases skin elasticity and firmness, leading to reduction of wrinkles, improvement of the circulatory system. It can also be used for the treatment of scars of different origin, even post-burn, and at recovery from injury.

But before you start this procedure, it should be examined and consult with your doctor about whether you have contraindications for LPG-massage.

Contra LPG-massage

One of the most important contraindications LPG-massage is the presence of tumors - myoma and cancer. How would you not want to, but at any stage of treatment and even after it is not necessary to carry out this procedure, since it accelerates cell division, even malignant, and this can cause ill health.

It is also not worth the risk in case of problems in the liver, kidney, heart and respiratory system, if there is a disease of the endocrine system ( diabetes , increased nodular goiter). Indeed, during the LPG-massage increases blood circulation and increases the total load on all organs and the body can not cope. For the same reasons, it is not recommended in hemophilia, treatment of blood clots in the first days of the month.

lymphostasis disease (lymph congestion in the tissues) is another contraindication LPG-massage.

In periods when the body is weakened by any infectious disease that causes fever, or started exacerbation of chronic sores (even gastritis , bronchitis) it is better to refrain from such a massage, because you can provoke an overload of the body.

Contraindications LPG-massage is also a pregnancy and lactation, as this may cause miscarriage or lactostasis.

Also, do not spend it with existing neurological disorders, psychiatric diseases and conditions involving increased seizure activity, you must first undergo treatment or rehabilitation, and only then deal with their beauty.

Even if you do not have the above-mentioned diseases and conditions, you can not afford the procedure. This may be due to the presence at the site of the meeting violations integrity of the skin (scrapes, bites, scrapes, wounds), hernias, adenomas, lipomas. Keep in mind that after the surgery, there are also limits for the LPG-massage.

LPG-massage - contraindication

Even if you plan to do the LPG-massage only on the face, all the listed contraindications to act.

Is there any harm of LPG-massage?

LPG-technique can be compared to manual massage, so it will not cause any harm to your body, provided that the following technology of procedures, personal hygiene rules and take into account all contraindications listed above.

By choosing from the variety of cosmetic procedures LPG-massage, you have to be honest and as detailed as possible to tell the doctor about your health condition in order to, on the basis of this, it was possible to develop an individual program for you.

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