How to quickly get rid of cellulite?

How to quickly get rid of cellulite?

Despite the fact that the problem of cellulite is not new, and at the moment there are dozens of methods to combat these unattractive dimples on the skin, an effective cellulite treatment must be chosen individually.

We begin to fight cellulite!

Unfortunate "orange peel" is manifested in a large number of girls and women, mainly in the abdomen, hips and legs. Exacerbated by the disease due to a sedentary lifestyle, high-calorie food, slow metabolism, and certain hormonal levels in the winter. Cellulite Treatment should be started immediately after the appearance as advanced forms of the disease will break not only the elasticity of your skin, but also your overall health.

Perhaps every woman wants to eat a magic pill in the evening and in the morning wake up with smooth skin on the thighs, stomach flat and without folds at the waist. While this drug treatment of cellulite is impossible, but there are many other methods of getting rid of "orange peel".

Basic methods

Cellulite appears not overnight, so remove it from the problem areas in a short time will not work. That treatment was successful, the main thing to choose the right treatments for cellulite. If you decide to start cellulite treatment at home or with the help of machines, the first thing you need to revise your diet. Proper nutrition and a special mode "scare" those fat deposits. help you:

  • three meals a day without snacking;
  • no saturated fat meal;
  • liquid for 10-15 minutes before meals;
  • 1.5 - 2 liters per day of pure non-carbonated water;
  • foods rich in fiber (such as carrots and cabbage);
  • sufficient amounts of trace elements and vitamins.

Consolidate the results of proper nutrition contribute to a special exercise. People cellulite treatment involves activation of circulation. This may be a vacuum massage, contrasting treatments, body wraps, Russian steam room and a Finnish sauna.

Therapy for cellulite

Treatment with ultrasound cellulite has a mechanical nature of the impact, as well as a massage or vibration. Such hardware affects cellulite treatment using mechanical vibrations of elastic dense medium frequency above 20 kHz on fat cells, thus causing their expansion and contraction. Ultrasound cellulite treatment has contraindications. It can not be used when:

  • coronary artery disease, hypertension;
  • benign diseases;
  • blood diseases;
  • acute infectious process, feverish;
  • How to quickly get rid of cellulite?
  • pregnancy;
  • thrombophlebitis, thrombosis, varicose veins.

Recently, a very popular treatment is darsonval cellulite. This method can indeed help, especially in the early stages of the disease. Cellulite buttocks such treatment will reduce to zero by improving metabolism and oxygen saturation of the skin.

Using hirudotherapy (treatment with leeches cellulite) can also achieve good results. Due to enzymes that are contained in the saliva of leeches, namely limes and hyaluronidase, disappear edema and congestion are eliminated. Enzymes break down on your stomach, hips and legs fat, eliminating the "orange peel". Another way to deal with this disease - ozone therapy. Cellulite treatment with ozone is subcutaneous injection of oxygen-ozone mixture, which improves microcirculation and transformation of persistent fat in less stable.

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