Scrub cellulite

Scrub cellulite

Sunk us to the fact that almost every one of us, or already have problems with cellulite, or they are so far only outlined. How have to buy expensive tools, sign up for a massage , or stop eating better to hang himself? After all, no one remedy does not guarantee you 100% get rid of cellulite. In this case, before the drastic methods of struggle, try the available natural and homemade scrubs cellulite.


Scrubs are always made on the basis of abrasives that can clean the pores and get rid of subcutaneous fat. necessarily have to be a means of softening the skin scrub second component of cellulite.

  1. The most popular is a salt scrub for cellulite. Take the 8 tablespoons sea salt, grind and add any vegetable oil (olive, linseed or sunflower). The base is ready. Further optionally possible to add essential oils of lemon juice, vitamins A and E as an oil.
  2. Honey - a storehouse of vitamins and minerals that can help our body to restore subcutaneous circulation. For honey scrub cellulite you need to mix equal parts honey and coffee Coarsely.
  3. For sugar scrub for cellulite, combine brown sugar in large granules and olive oil.
    Scrub cellulite

How to use a scrub?

Apply massage for 5-10 minutes to clean skin, with the toe to the most problematic areas - thighs and abdomen. After application, rinse the scrub in the shower, apply a moisturizing cream, but better - cellulite.

As you can see, in the manufacture of a scrub at home has several advantages: availability, simplicity and creativity, because you can add your favorite oil in it, the flavors and juices. And the best scrub for cellulite - is the one that you made with love with his own hands. Anyway, worth a try!

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