cellulite Stages

cellulite Stages

Orange peel - a fancy name is not very attractive phenomenon - cellulite. Today there are many methods to deal with it. But in order to know what to fight, should take into account the magnitude of the problem. It turns out that cellulite does not develop immediately, but gradually. At each stage of your treatment needs. Read more about cellulite stages in today's material.

How to determine the stage of cellulite?

To accurately determine the stage of cellulite, you need to know that the reason for its appearance - fluid retention in the tissues and the subsequent blockade of the saphenous vessels. This is exactly what makes it difficult to conclude the accumulated excess fluid from the places where the rate of metabolism is reduced: the buttocks and thighs. Therefore, you need to diagnose cellulitis in these, the most rounded, parts of the body. Monitoring can be carried out independently, turning his back to the mirror and slightly bent. Consider the signs by which one can determine the stage of the hated "orange peel".

The first stage of cellulite

It can hardly be seen with the naked eye while standing. But even, at first glance, the skin on the thighs can "impersonate" when the top local lighting or in an inclined position. To ensure you have the initial stage of cellulite you need to gently squeeze the skin on the thighs with your fingers. Visible bumps? This is the first step. Get rid of cellulite in the first step is easy. It is necessary to reduce the intake of fluids, take anti-cellulite massage at home with the use of anti-cellulite cream, a few times a sauna and a swimming pool, and the enemy of beautiful hips will be over.

The second stage of cellulite

At this stage of development of cellulite skin irregularities are already visible in all lighting conditions at a glance. The bumps on the skin are sealed and stayut noticeable. The skin on the thighs and buttocks lose elasticity, become less sensitive to the touch. Impaction accumulated fluid vessels do not allow blood to circulate freely in the skin tissues. This further exacerbates the problem, because the metabolism of the body areas affected by cellulite, slowing even more. Fighting cellulite second stage it should be aimed at changing the oxygen supply of all parts of the body. Assist change in diet, active sports and professional anti-cellulite massage.

The third stage of cellulite

cellulite Stages

The third stage of cellulite is much easier to see than to eliminate. Uneven skin with dimples and pits become rough and almost insensitive to the touch. Impaction swollen muscle tissue and blood vessels do not allow to feel not only touched, but sometimes even the temperature changes and pain. Although weight loss and anti-cellulite cream does not help in getting rid of the cellulite, begin treatment is still worth it with these steps. Next you need the help of professionals. Special courses of the power of massage lipolipoliz, tsellyulolipoliz, elektrolipoliz - these are ways to combat this disease. And the most modern methods of getting rid of cellulite third stage based on laser therapy.

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