Vacuum massage of cellulite

Vacuum massage of cellulite

Vacuum massage of cellulite can be done even at home, so it is considered to be an excellent alternative to expensive salon treatments for the body. In addition, cupping massage cellulite will help:

  • rebuild muscle tissue after exercise;
  • strengthen the connective tissue;
  • improve circulation;
  • slow down the aging process.

Cellulite - is a modified subcutaneous fat, the main aesthetic problem which lies in the complexity of restoring its original normal structure using only one cosmetic procedure. Most often, beauticians recommend both burn fat and get rid of excess intercellular fluid. Anti-cellulite vacuum massage helps to fight with the second problem, and is involved in the resolution of the first. Massazhory captures tissue and exposing it to vacuum, causing the excess fluid "squeezed" from the tissue. Vacuum massage at home 10-15 regular sessions help to achieve a stable effect.

Vacuum massage cellulite banks will be effective only if the procedure before you warm up the body. To do this, just need to massage the hands of the problem areas for 5-8 minutes. Can be applied to the body and is not allergic any massage oil, other than the extracts of grapefruit or cayenne pepper as in combination with a "vacuum" may cause irritation. Massage banks need to drive up and down the problem areas, while making a circular motion. If you have pain, you should change the "image" movement banks: zigzag, spiral, straight line.

To vacuum massage cellulite was effective, do not exceed the exposure of the bank - an average of home treatment of one problem area should not take more than 10 minutes. The procedure is best done in a day, with alternating it with a visit to the sauna or salt baths.

Vacuum massage slimming

The banks - is not only a remedy for cellulite. Vacuum massage at home will also help in the fight against excess weight. Experts recommend it to all who need to "get rid" of more than 5 kg weight. The fact is that the vacuum devices or banks well stimulate circulation.

Vacuum massage of cellulite
Of course, independent significance in the process of burning fat cellulite vacuum massage does not, it will work only in combination with exercise and proper nutrition.

Before the procedure, it would be better to consult a physician as to apply vacuum massage, you can not please everyone. Contraindications to this kind of impact on cellulite:

  • Pregnancy and the first 6 weeks after delivery;
  • sensitive skin;
  • Flu, colds;
  • hypertension, ischemia, and some gynecological inflammation.

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