Proper hair care

Proper hair care

In today's world there are many factors that have an extremely negative impact on the health and beauty of our hair. These factors include: adverse environmental conditions, poor nutrition, passive lifestyle, stress and weather. Unfortunately, from this impact is almost no one is safe, and wish that hair has always been healthy and strong! Specialists proved that only a systematic and proper hair care can ensure their health. Not all women have the opportunity to visit a beauty salon, so quality care is necessary to ensure your hair at home. In this article, we suggest you familiarize yourself with effective recipes for hair, suitable for girls and women.

Recipes for care for damaged hair

Damaged hair - a sign that the body is something goes wrong. In most cases, hair was damaged after coloring or perm. In this respect, care for natural, not dyed hair is more simple. The lack of vitamins, proteins, nutrient stress, and instantly recognized on the appearance of our hair. Care for damaged and split ends should be regular and soft. The basic rules of care for damaged hair look like this:

  • Limit the use of a hair dryer, curling irons, fixing means. Hot air and hot tongs negatively affect the condition of damaged hair. Heat destroys the structure and makes hair more brittle. Fixing - paints, foam, mousse, also weaken the hair;
  • proper care for damaged hair at home includes masks from natural products. In this case, the perfect mask of mayonnaise. Mayonnaise can be used for hair care tips and to strengthen the roots. For this mask should be applied to the hair massage for 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. If the damaged hair is greasy, they should be used for the mask from any fermented milk product - yoghurt or whey;
  • in any case, do not wash hair with hot water.

Hair care in winter

Winter time is the most unfavorable for our hair. Wind, cold, hats and dampness can make hair weak and thin. Therefore, winter hair care needs to be more careful. Here are some secrets to proper hair care in winter:

  • regularly to make masks of burdock oil. This tool can be used for both dry and oily hair. The oil must be applied to the entire length of the hair, hold for 15 minutes and rinse with plenty of water and a mild shampoo;
  • when washing your hair make a gentle massage of the head. This procedure improves
    Proper hair care
  • Use hair conditioner every time you wash your head. Balm prevents tangling wet hair and facilitates combing;
  • increase consumption of vitamins A, B, C, as well as proteins;
  • 2-3 times a month to wash your hair with natural products - egg yolks, rye bread, diluted mustard powder. This allows more intensely nourish the hair follicles;
  • in cold and windy conditions, always wear a headdress.

In hair care, you can use different calendars. With the lunar calendar, you can determine the optimal day for haircuts. It is known that hair, cropped on the growing moon, growing faster than the hair, cropped at the waning moon. Also, there is a special calendar of hair care products, thanks to which, depending on the time of year you can find the best means to strengthen or stimulate hair growth.

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