Strengthening nails at home - recipes

Strengthening nails at home - recipes

Lack of vitamins and use of various detergents can bring your nails to a catastrophic state. They will exfoliate, break, bad to grow and have a yellow color. In this case, you need to start strengthening the nails at home, recipes of traditional medicine at the same time - the best choice. They will help in a short time to recover health and attractive appearance of the nail plate.

Strengthening the salt nails

Very popular means to strengthen nails at home are baths with a conventional or sea salt . This product contains a lot of minerals, so only a few medical procedures, you will notice that the plates become stronger, dense and rapidly growing.

To make the salt bath, it is necessary:

  1. Mix 35 grams of salt to 250 ml of water.
  2. Fingers dip into the water.
  3. After 10-15 minutes, wipe the hand towel.

For this procedure a stable effect should be carried out three times a week for a month.

Salt dries the skin. Therefore, after you have done this bath to strengthen nails at home, put your hands on absolutely any fat cream and put on a special cotton gloves.

How to strengthen your nails with iodine?

At home, iodine can be used to strengthen nails. This tool is just a few weeks to restore even badly damaged nail plate. It may be applied in pure form. First, nails will have a yellow color, but after a few hours of this unpleasant effect disappears.

You exfoliate nails? Then it is better not just apply to them the medical iodine, and do with it masks for hands. There are many recipes for these funds, but to strengthen nails perfect mask with lemon juice.

Recipe mask


  • olive oil - 10 ml;
  • Iodine - 3 drops;
  • lemon juice - 4 drops.

Preparation and Application

Slightly heat the oil (it should be done in a water bath). Add the lemon juice and iodine, and then mix everything carefully. The resulting mixture was put on the nails, and put on special cotton gloves. After 15 minutes, remove the remnants of the mask cloth.

Medicinal herbs to strengthen nails

To strengthen the nails home after the building is best suited baths and compresses of decoctions of herbs. Use can be dry chamomile, rosemary, St. John's wort and burdock roots.

Recipe for compress


  • medicinal herb - 10 g;
  • water - 500 ml.

Preparation and Application

Pour boiling water over the grass and cool the mixture to room temperature. If you want to make a tray, simply omit the fingers into the liquid, and after 15 minutes, wipe them with a towel. To compress you must soak in the broth of cotton cloth, and then apply it to the nail plate for 15-20 minutes.

Such procedures should be done courses lasting at least a month.

Strengthen nails in a short period of time possible and with the help of the bath with mint and chamomile.

Recipe for baths


  • chamomile (dry) - 20 g;
  • Peppermint (dry) - 10 g;
  • water - 200 ml;
  • lemon juice - 2 drops.

Preparation and Application

Mix the herbs and pour boiling water. After 15 minutes, strain the mixture and add the lemon juice. The resulting liquid is lower your arms for 15 minutes.

Strengthening nails tooth powder

If you not only exfoliating and brittle, but also yellow nail plate, be sure to use to strengthen nails tub with tooth powder - the recipe of its preparation is very simple, and the effect of using a fast and long lasting.

Strengthening nails at home - recipes

Recipe funds


  • water - 500 ml;
  • soda - 10 g;
  • tooth powder - '25

Preparation and Application

Dissolve powder in warm water. Add soda and stir the mixture well all. Dip your hands in water for 10 minutes.

Since tooth powder - a fairly aggressive means, this tray can be done only twice a month.

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