Why does hair turn gray?

Why does hair turn gray?

For most people, graying associated with old age. These pictures are firmly entrenched in our minds since childhood, when parents told us that the hair turns gray only at the grandparents. So now, when we meet a young man or woman with gray hair, it is very unusual for us. And in fact, it appeared early graying is still an exception to the rule, rather than the rule itself. And why is this happening? And if you can influence this process?

What affects the hair color?

As you know, hair color depends on two pigments - eumelanin and pheomelanin. Eumelanin gives the hair a black-brown color and pheomelanin - yellow-red. From the ratio of these pigments and the amount of air that is mixed with them, and it depends on the color of a person to be hair. Determined on the basis of the proportion of human genetic predisposition.

From a physiological point of view, the answer to the question "Why go gray hair?" Is simple enough. In the structure of the hair over the years the amount of eumelanin and pheomelanin decreases and decreases their functionality, and the amount of air increases the contrary, he gives the hair a shade of gray. But even such a detailed examination of the hair structure and nature of occurrence of gray hair does not explain why sometimes the hair turns gray in young people, because by this logic, the loss of certain functions pigments only occurs in people aged.

Why does hair turn gray sooner?

The main reason for the early appearance of gray hair is considered the influence of hereditary factors. But there are other reasons why hair turns gray in young and sometimes even children. It is a lifestyle and folding over the years and diet. Please note that there is a long view of the violation of lifestyle and nutrition. A one-time use of harmful products, or failure to comply with the regime of the day will not lead to the appearance of gray hair.

It should be noted that today in Europe is quite common appearance of gray hair in people a little older than 30 years. Yes, there are precedents in the past, but recently they happen more and more frequently. Some are beginning to sound the alarm and to urgently go to the doctor as soon as they see in their mind first gray hair. Perhaps this behavior is the most correct, because the hair turns gray rarely all at once, often the process takes about 2 years, and accordingly, there is still time to slow it down.

Modern doctors believe the main reason for early graying of hair metabolic disorder. According to them, a large proportion of people faced with the problem of the early gray hair, metabolism was disrupted. It also made the observation that people suffering from a lack of or excess weight are more likely to lose early in the color of their hair. Another reason why hair turns gray early, are autoimmune and viral diseases and

Why does hair turn gray?
and nervous system diseases. Less common cases of hair graying caused by a lack of trace elements in the human body that are responsible for melanin production.

Also, doctors noted a variety of diseases of the endocrine system as the cause of gray hair in young people. These can be attributed to thyroid disease and various diseases of the testes and ovaries. All of these diseases affect the pituitary gland, which reduces hair pigmentation.

But let's say a few encouraging words, and those who, unfortunately, are faced with this problem. Today modern cosmetology has learned to cope with the gray, which means that the regular attendance of a beauty salon or barber shop usual you can successfully hide from surrounding this unfortunate fact.

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