Strengthening nail acrylic powder for nail gel

Strengthening nail acrylic powder for nail gel

Despite the fact that the gel manicure is one of the most resistant to external influences, in some women, it quickly peels or deteriorates further at the beginning of socks. Experts still have found a solution to this problem - a preliminary strengthening nail acrylic powder for nail gel. The procedure does not take much time and completely does not affect the final result of the work, but after the spectacular manicure exactly hold for at least 2 weeks.

Why do the strengthening of the natural nail acrylic powder?

Initially, the material in question was invented to build up, as it is very flexible, it acquires the necessary strength after drying and simultaneously retains elasticity. It is not surprising that over time these properties acrylic decided to use as feedstock for the repair of the damaged nail plate, so as not to cut all the free edge to the level of the shortest nail.

Gradually, this technique has been applied as prevention and breaking of cracking the nail surface. Strengthening the acrylic allows to achieve the following results:

  • increasing the strength of nails;
  • natural look (transparent powder);
  • the elasticity of the nail plate;
  • You do not need special care;
  • the ability to make any manicure even at home;
  • correction is carried out on any part of the nail and does not require replacement of the entire surface;
  • Warning cracks;
  • recovery of the nail plate thickness peel.

In view of the above described advantages of the procedure, many women do it regularly, especially in the presence of fragile layer of nails with injuries of the upper stratum corneum.

What you need to strengthen the nail acrylic powder for gel?

Manicurist notice that some customers design gel polish lasts longer than 14 days, while others deteriorate after a few days. This is due to the different structure of the nail plate, the peculiarities of the body, the presence of chronic diseases.

To avoid problems after applying the gel polish and extend the toes nail art easily if prior to application of the material to strengthen acrylic nails. Transparent powder helps:

  • fill all of microcracks;
  • restore exfoliate surface;
  • to improve adhesion to the nail gel polish;
  • align the relief plates.

In addition, this product does not affect any hue or the structure of the base coat, but effectively protects it from chipping, flaking and breaking off.

Technology strengthen nails acrylic powder for nail gel

Run the procedure provided easy, some masters of nail art is part of the standard set of services in the coating gel varnish.

Strengthening nails base and acrylic powder:

  1. Make manicure your chosen method, quality degrease and dry the nail plate. Apply primer on it - a thin layer of base.
    Strengthening nail acrylic powder for nail gel

  2. Sprinkle with powdered unseasoned nails through the pusher or just dip your fingers in her turn.
    Strengthening nail acrylic powder for nail gel

  3. Dry the nail plates in the ultraviolet (2-3 minutes) or a LED-lamp (60 seconds).
    Strengthening nail acrylic powder for nail gel

  4. The soft, densely packed brush to brush away any excess acrylic powder.
    Strengthening nail acrylic powder for nail gel

  5. Again, base cover nails in one layer and dry them in the UV or LED-lamp.
    Strengthening nail acrylic powder for nail gel

At this stage, a manicure can be completed by treating the plate buff polishing, the fingers will already look very well groomed, in nyudovom style. If desired, after the base and buff finishing is carried out (a top) cover any color gel polish. After the design is necessarily necessary to dry the nails in the UV or LED-lamp and remove the adhesive layer, and then again carefully handle wafer soft polishing buff .

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