Dermatitis on hands

Dermatitis on hands

Dermatitis is any inflammation of the skin. Dermatitis on the hands is very common due to the fact that the hands and wrists are particularly exposed to external factors. Designated in causing the disease are the internal and pathological processes.

The causes of dermatitis on his hands

The external stimuli that cause dermatitis on the hands are:

  • physical factors (friction, pressure, high and low temperature and so on.);
  • chemical factors (washing and cleaning agents, harsh chemicals);
  • biological factors (juices and pollen of various plants).

Internal reasons also provoke dermatitis on his hands. It can be:

  • reaction to food-allergens;
  • an allergic reaction to cosmetics, medications;
  • allergens are trapped through the respiratory system;
  • poisoning by chemicals;
  • genetically determined predisposition to atopy;
  • gastrointestinal disease, malfunction or autoimmune endocrine system;
  • stressful situations.

How to treat dermatitis on his hands?

The approach to the treatment of dermatitis on the hands depends on the type of disease. The main advice given by experts are as follows:

  1. Eliminate contact dermatitis can be simply removing the factors that cause allergic reactions.
  2. Cutaneous manifestations disappear quickly if you reduce contact with water, for example, the homework done in latex gloves and washing hands when using hypoallergenic means.
  3. Do not do without dieting, excluding the identified food allergens and limit fatty and fried food consumption, smoked meats, sweets.

The system should be used by a dermatologist recommended an ointment, gel or cream from dermatitis on the hands. Usually assigned:

  • -with a dry dermatitis Bepanten, Dexpanthenol;
  • with weeping - Skin-pack;
  • accession infections - Triderm.

In severe cases, prescribed hormonal ointment:

  • Lokoid;
  • Belosalik;
  • Celestoderm.

Most often in the treatment of dermatitis are indispensable drug therapy comprising:

  • receiving antihistamines ( Zodak , Claritin, Tsetrin, Tavegil, Suprastin, etc.);
  • sedation;
  • vitamin therapy (vitamins A, E, group B);
  • use of sorbents for the prompt excretion of allergens (Polisorb, Enterosorbent, white carbon);
  • glucocorticosteroids, if the previous course of treatment does not give the desired effect.

In the case of infection of accession should be applied:

  • bacterial pathogens - Antibiotics;
  • fungal diseases - antifungals;
  • when herpes lesions - acyclovir and its analogs.

Attention! After receiving the anti-infective drugs for the recovery of the intestinal microflora is desirable to drink eubiotics:

  • kolibakterin;
  • Bifidumbacterin;
  • Lactobacterin;
  • Atsipol etc.

A good effect is given physiotherapy treatment methods:

  • darsonvalization;
  • laser therapy;
  • reflexology .

Treatment dermatitis on hand at home

Traditional medicine offers the effective prescriptions to cure dermatitis on his hands. Excellent help to the following tools:

Dermatitis on hands
  1. Lotions infusion of celandine, succession, oak bark.
  2. Wiping hands fresh celery juice, half diluted with water.
  3. Applications of lemon juice, a glass of water diluted with 0.5 teaspoon of unrefined vegetable oil.
  4. Overlaying your hands finely chopped plantain leaves.
  5. Ingestion infusion violet tricolor (grass 3 tablespoons to 1 liter of boiling water). It is necessary to drink infused composition three times a day for 1/5 cup daily.

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