How to remove shellac?

How to remove shellac?

Covering nail gel polish has many advantages, the most important of them - resistance manicure and duration of socks. But after a while the plate is still grow, and there is a need to remove shellac. It's not as simple as delete regular nail polish, because the gel coat is kept much stronger.

How to remove shellac in the cabin?

Wizard perform the procedure described in 10-15 minutes. First, wash your hands thoroughly with soapy water and dry it thoroughly. After that, special tools, according to the principle of manufacture similar to plaster, impregnated with liquid remover shellac. Sponzhikom attach to fingers with adhesive base and the soft side, dipped in a solvent, in close contact with the nail. After a specified amount of time devices are removed, and the gel lacquer can be easily separated from the plate in the form of a film. If residues are present on the nails shellac, they gently cleaned stick from an orange tree.

After the procedure can be applied to the coating layer again, but experts advise to refrain from doing so at least 1-2 weeks. Better put on the nail plate firming and moisturizing spray, which will help them to recover.

The shoot shellac polish?

There are many professional solutions for this purpose:

  • Erase Remover Red Carpet;
  • liquid to remove bio-gel and gel varnish Runail;
  • Cuccio Veneer;
  • Expert Touch Remover OPI;
  • Masura;
  • Artifical Nail Remover In'Garden;
  • Remover Gel FX Orly;
  • Nail Product Remover Entity One;
  • Soak-Off Remover Jessica;
  • Product Remover CND.

The cost of liquid depends on the manufacturer, as well as the volume produced. Each of these solutions has the same efficiency and about the same composition.

How to remove shellac yourself?

Of course, in the salon procedure has a rather high price, and many women do not want to spend money on such a simple event.

In order not to damage the nail structure, first you need to remember a few rules that explain how to remove shellac:

  1. Be sure to wash your hands with soap and water before the event, preferably with an antiseptic effect.
  2. Do not attempt to chop, cut or sawed cover.
  3. Do not use metal accessories for manicure.
  4. Edit your fingers and nail beds antibacterial solution after the procedure, for example, or a professional manicure Hlorgekisdinom suspension.

Also, before you remove the shellac itself, should buy a special liquid, disposable sponges, winding, wooden stick. In that case, if for some reason you were not able to buy these devices, you can do an ordinary nail polish remover with acetone, round sponge and foil (used to nail winding and tight fit soaked cotton wool).

The procedure is similar to the cabin, but the use of specialized solutions to remove the gel polish requires an increase in exposure duration: from 20 to 30 minutes. To facilitate the removal of the shellac can be a little gash surface coating. Since the liquid quickly infiltrate the hardened gel and help

How to remove shellac?
it separate.

It is important to note that the use of acetone for the considered actions can damage the skin around the treated nail and a negative impact on the state of the plate itself. Therefore it is necessary to prefer special tools.

At the end of the allotted time must be removed from the winding finger. Typically, the coating and simultaneously moves in a thin film. Before removing the sticky layer of shellac left in the corners and at the edge of the nail, should allow it to dry, and then easily hook orange stick for manicure.

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