Climbed the skin on the fingers

Climbed the skin on the fingers

Feature sensitive skin hand is that it responds immediately to any external stimuli as well as a lack of certain components. Therefore, finding that oblazit skin on the fingers, the diet should be reviewed to determine the presence of corrosive factors and take steps to eliminate them.

Why oblazit skin on the fingers?

This phenomenon may occur for various reasons:

  1. The first and most obvious factor may be the lack of necessary for the beauty of the skin vitamins A and E.
  2. Lack of care, nutritional deficiencies, and moisturize the skin.
  3. If the skin around the nails oblazit, then there is a danger of fingers fungus. Symptoms of the disease are itching, which becomes more intense after washing your hands. This disease is typical for a hot period.
  4. It is also the cause of the disease may be the occurrence of an allergic reaction to household remedies or cosmetics. Identify allergy can, observe the reaction of the body at the beginning of the new substances.
  5. Affect the state of the epidermis can be stress, excessive physical and emotional stress. To calm the nervous system and help to hot tubs fumigation essential oils.
  6. Frequent contact with detergents serious harm will not cause, but if washing does not use gloves, the skin may begin to climb round between his fingers.
  7. The wrong soap that contains a lot of chemical components that may negatively affect the skin condition. Especially harmful frequent use of antibacterial cleansers that cause itching and burning.
  8. Climbed the skin on the hands is also because of improper hygiene. Negatively affect regular rubbing hands with a towel, stretch the skin. Experts advise not to wipe your hands and promakivat them. Also affect the skin condition can be wearing knitted gloves due to the effects of detergent residues. Because of their washing is recommended to use a mild shampoo.

What if oblazit skin on the hands?

Finding on the surface of the hands whitish flakes of skin and its peel should remove the influence of harmful factors and to take some preventive measures:

  1. The first step is to make up for deficiency of vitamins to include in the diet of carrot, nuts, prunes, tomatoes, eggs and other foods with vitamins A and E. Sometimes vitamin deficiency is a serious problem, get rid of which only the use of the products impossible, as the vitamins simply can not be digested, then require expert assistance.
  2. To prevent peeling should be given to the care of his arms. prolonged contact with water should be avoided. After washing your hands need to use moisturizing and nourishing compositions. Owners of dry skin should seek the help of soap, which has in its composition of chamomile, aloe, glycerin and lecithin.
    Climbed the skin on the fingers
  3. It is useful to make a mask with egg yolk and honey. Two yolks rubbed with natural honey and applied to the affected skin, put on top put on cotton gloves and holding all night.
  4. Another good tool is gelatin. His pre-dissolved in water and taken orally in the morning and before going to bed on a spoon. Before going to bed, hand dipped in a bath with the dissolved gelatin.
  5. The use of trays and masks the effect only if the illness reason lies in the excessive dryness of the skin. If oblazit much skin on the hands and poor hygiene and contact with chemicals is not to blame, you need to make to the doctor to identify possible allergens or other factors.

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