Set for nail

Set for nail

Artificial nails are very relevant today. They are comfortable to wear because they do not require frequent adjustment, avoid the time spent on care, as natural. For beginners to masters perfect ready-made set for nail, which contains all the necessary tools and materials. In addition, it eliminates the need to visit the area and allow to carry out the procedure at home.

Starter kit for nail for beginners

Women who do not have experience in Neil dell'arte, it is recommended to purchase a simplified set (gel or acrylic). It provides a means for increasing the shape and tipsy. With their help, you can:

  • strengthening of natural nails;
  • complex pattern;
  • manicure "french" style;
  • modeling;
  • polymerization.

In addition, the present apparatus ultraviolet monomer in some sets.

As a rule, the starting assembly 40 involves procedures, including cosmetic materials and means for processing. The only thing that may need to be purchased separately, a set of brushes for nail, as in the version for beginners, there is only one unit of the device.

If you find it difficult to determine the desired method (gel or acrylic), you can buy a universal kit, suitable for both types of procedures. It contains all the required tools and materials, as well as supplemented Bonder, glass for the monomer, nail clippers and natural oil for nail care. Of course, the universal variant has a higher cost due to the number of objects. But his advantage is good quality materials, an increased number of brushes from sable fur. In the future, it will fit for occupation.

Set to build gel nails

Professional Kits have expanded list of components:

  • modeling gels (clear, natural, white);
  • brush of natural cloth (№6);
  • sawing 100 to 100 and 180 to 180 grit;
  • primer;
  • dirt gel containing no acid;
  • tips (universal and transparent jacket);
  • forms for nails;
  • glue with a brush;
  • universal means of 3 to 1 or separately: dehydrator, antiseptic liquid for removing the layers;
  • locking coating with a UV filter;
  • Tipsorezy;
  • cuticle oil;
  • Brush for cleaning of nails;
  • lint-free cloth;
  • portable ultraviolet lamp.

Sets for gel nails may be slightly different in configuration depending on the manufacturer.

The advantage of the professional version of the product is considered to be a higher class of gels (lux), thus improving the quality and durability of nail polish.

Set for acrylic nails

Advanced kits described procedures include:

  • primer;
  • 2 nailfiles different stiffness (100 100 and 180 180);
  • brush for cleaning the nail plate;
  • antiseptic;
  • universal and upper molds;
  • natural brush (often - №8);
  • monomer;
  • bafik polishing;
  • prozranchnye jacket and tips;
  • Acrylic (transparent camouflage pink, white);
    Set for nail
  • nail fixing;
  • Cuticle Oil in the form of a stick;
  • Tipsorezy;
  • glue.

This set of acrylic nails not only provides a comfortable and convenient operation, high speed, but also the safety of the procedure. It includes acrylic and chemicals of very high quality. Due to such indicators extended wearability and durability of the nail manicure. Moreover, a good acrylic powder provides a perfectly flat and smooth surface.

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