Hot manicure

Hot manicure

Dry skin of hands and increased fragility of nails - a fairly common problem and solve it is not so easy in a short period of time. One of the beauty treatments offered by many salons, which helps to cope with this unpleasant phenomenon is hot manicure.

What is hot manicure?

Problems with the skin of hands and nails are caused by many factors: there are household chemicals and unpleasant weather and spring beriberi . As a result, the skin becomes dry and loses elasticity, the nails lose their luster, can begin to crumble. Conventional creams or lotions help in this situation, but with prolonged exposure. It is believed that the procedure of hot (aka cream or oil), manicure several times increases the efficiency's Skin Hand tools, contributes to their nutrition, improve the general condition of the skin and nails. In carrying out the procedure at hand while immersed in a preheated to a temperature of 50-55 degrees cream or oil. It is believed that the heated cream pores expands and accelerates blood circulation and facilitates faster and easier penetration into the skin nutrients.

Hot manicure procedure can easily be carried out both in the salon and at home.

Hot manicure Technology

Whether carried out hot manicure at home or in the cabin, it contains a number of mandatory steps:

  1. The nails are cleaned from the remnants of the old varnish.
  2. With the help of nails nail file to shape.
  3. The lotion or cream is poured into a tray and heated to the desired temperature. In the salons it usually uses a special machine for hot manicure, which not only warms the lotion to the desired temperature, but also keeps it throughout the procedure. At home, as cool butter and cream fast enough to keep the temperature typically used water bath.
  4. The tips of the fingers are lowered into the tub for a few minutes. In parlors, using professional equipment and apparatuses, typically 7-10 minutes. At home, I recommend keeping the hands in the bath of 15 to 25 minutes.
  5. After taking bath lotion residues are distributed from hand to hand held massage cuticle and processed, it is desirable not edging method (using orange sticks).
  6. After processing, the cuticle lotion residues are removed from the nails by cold wet towels, degreased and nails varnished.

The main problem that may arise during the hot manicure at home, it's too high temperature of the mixture. If used for manicure tool warm above 55 degrees, its useful properties may come to nothing, but there is a risk of irritation to the skin from the effects of high temperatures.

Tools for hot manicure

In the salons for treatments use special creams or lotions. The structure of such funds usually include olive or peach butter, vitamins D, A, E, ceramides, lanolin and various mineral supplements.

Hot manicure

During the hot manicure at home, you can either buy a professional tool, or, in the absence thereof, use olive oil with a few drops of vitamin A and essential oils. In a pinch, you can use a regular hand cream, also add the vitamins and essential oils.

In general, the effect of the hot manicure many compare with paraffin . However, the latter has a number of contraindications, in particular - the damage to the skin of hands, microtrauma and cracks. While the oil bath, and therefore the hot manicure in such cases, on the contrary shows and promote rapid healing of the skin.

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