solid paint

solid paint

Date of nail polish - it is an intermediate option between capacity and natural nails. This varnish today is popular precisely because of the natural mind, ease of use, as well as the absence of the need for constant adjustment. Some solid lacquer care for the nails, strengthening them, and so are often used for the treatment of nails.

Solid varnish from Kiss Impress

The simplest version of a solid nail polish - Impress offers the American firm Kiss. In a sense, the technique of using nails like gluing, but still significantly different from classical artificial nail with a significant advantage in a natural appearance.

In the present set of special liquid for degreasing the nail and nail file for polishing with a set of nails in different designs and different shapes. Here you will find 24 of the nail, but that does not mean that the collection is used twice, because the nails are of different size and shape, and therefore many of them can not come.

Before use, you need to choose the form of nails and put them in the right order, and then a little to polish the nail for better bonding. Then degrease the nail plate, remove the protective film from the nail and glue it to your nail, gently pressing and smoothing, because the nail material involves the acquisition of the natural nail shape when exposed to heat.

Hard shellac varnish

The solid nail varnish may also be in the form and glued nails, and in the form of varnish. Today it is called shellac, which is not erased during several weeks.

Additional components in the form of a UV lamp and manicure sets needed to apply the shellac.

CND Shellac from

For the first time the world saw shellac it under the brand name of this company, and therefore it is believed that he tested and more reliable. The palette is very many colors to suit all tastes - you can buy varnish either alone or in a set consisting of several colors.

Gel polish from Hand & Nail

Another option is shellac - gel lacquer, shellac is practically analogue issued by another firm. Here, the color palette

solid paint
more diverse, and includes both basic colors and varnishes, accents in the form of sequins. It is also interesting that there are shades of acid in this collection are popular this year.

Gel polish by OPI

Another well-known company that produces solid coatings, is the OPI. The palette of paints of the company is small, but there are a variety of interesting shades of matte, gloss and varnish with sparkles.

OPI - company, which you can buy a full set of manicure shellac, and that it is a significant advantage.

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