Burrs on the fingers - treatment

Burrs on the fingers - treatment

Burrs are torn pieces of skin which are caused by the wrong hand or interaction with Sears skin substances. Burrs on the fingers, the treatment of which is considered in the article, not only spoil the appearance of the hands, but also carry a risk, because germs can penetrate into the wound.

burr Treatment

The appearance of burr - it is always unpleasant. He not only does not look aesthetically pleasing, but also causes pain, which prevent to carry out their household chores. When a burr importantly, what not to do - is to tear the skin or bite. Remove burrs can only be as follows:

  1. First you need to wash your hands, disinfect them and used tool.
  2. Then, using the special tweezers gently cut the skin.
  3. The resulting wound treated with iodine, brilliant green or tea tree essential oil , which also has antiseptic properties.

Burr abscess - Treatment

To combat boils using potassium permanganate. Several crystals are dissolved in a liter of water and keep a finger in it for ten minutes. You can also carry out the procedure with soda and salt. By adding two or three teaspoons of water.

If burrs and inflamed finger swelled up a little, it is possible to treat need help the doctor who will make a puncture to drain pus. Houses in this case can be applied antiinflammatory ointment in conjunction with a few drops of propolis tincture having clear antimicrobial effect.

For pulling pus in inflammation burr treatment involves overlaying a compress of aloe. Pre-cut the film sheet is applied to the finger and fix bandage.

It is also a good idea to help against inflammation:

  • grated carrots;
  • lotions of cranberry juice;
  • rye crumbs;
  • baked onions.

burrs Home Treatment

Burrs on the fingers - treatment

Relieve pain, eliminate swelling and inflammation can be with the help of simple recipes:

  1. Hand washing with soap and water. In a basin of warm water and collect various small items of clothing, and using baby soap rub them. Warm water weakens the pain, and soap ingredients relieve swelling.
  2. Compress of ointments Vishnevsky. Recommend apply a compress on the steaming fingers. Sick finger smeared with ointment, wrapped with a bandage and hold for three hours.
  3. Baths with salt. In one liter of water diluted with two hundred grams of sea salt and regular table and put on the fire for five minutes. Then the affected fingers dipped in the water tank and kept so long as the water is warm.

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