Baths for strengthening nails

Baths for strengthening nails

Beautiful, shiny and healthy nails - the goal of many women who look after their impeccable image. But under present conditions, to how equipment is not helping around the house, doing the dirty work for the man, though, not everyone can maintain in good condition the handle. And so a variety of treatments to strengthen nails, still appear in the list of cases of modern women.

A reliable way to strengthen your nails

So, the easiest way to make nails strong - is to hold a 15-minute bath with a special solution, at least once a week. They will not only strengthen your nails, but also to prevent the appearance of burrs.

Restorative bath polish should contain moisturizing ingredients, because the nail plates in need of moisture is not less than the skin - this prevents stratification and reduce brittleness.

It is also important to use components that contain trace elements - they will help make your nails stronger.

To change the color of the nails used ingredients that help fight the yellowness - from the most popular home remedies is lemon juice.

Salt baths polish with glycerin

Salt baths for nails - the most popular and easy way to strengthen your nails. Salt, besides the reinforcing effect, to prevent the appearance of fungus and various dermatological diseases associated with bacterial flora and salt promotes the healing of wounds.

This natural product is widely used not only in cosmetics for nail and skin.

Tray for sea salt polish is more useful than the usual bath of salt. Sea salt is rich in iodine, and many women can not just make after the marine leisure nails are strengthened if they were not covered with varnish. Therefore, to ensure a year-round "marine leisure" marigolds, you can use a simple bath - in 0.5 liters of water need to add 2 tbsp sea salt and stir.

Tray for nails should be warm, not hot, and be no more than 15 minutes.

To salt is not dried up the nails, here also add 1 tbsp glycerol. When glycerol was not at hand, the usual cream fix the position for the hands - after the bath rub it into the nail plate and let soak.

A good substitute for hand cream can be considered any dense natural vegetable oil - for example, shea butter ( shea butter ).

Tray for nails with iodine

Iodine baths nail - another easy way to strengthen your nails. Iodine can be used alone or in combination with salt.

For salt baths with iodine will need 0.5 liters of water, 3 drops of iodine and 2 tbsp salt. If you are using iodine , the sea salt, it is desirable not to use.

But the bath of iodine can be used without the addition of salt, and limit the addition of 1 tablespoon Medical glycerol.

After the iodine slightly yellowing nails can, and to get rid of this, use the following bath - with lemon juice.

Tray for nails with lemon

Lemon juice is considered natural bleaching agent - it is used for these purposes and for skin and nails, and even to the teeth.

For the bath is necessary to take 1 lemon and warm water (250 ml). It is not necessary to add a wetting agent bath - lemon juice will not work properly because of the greasy film on the nails.


  1. Press the lemon juice into a container and add water.
  2. Then put the nails in the tub and wait for 15 minutes.
    Baths for strengthening nails
  3. After this procedure, be sure to lubricate the nails moisturizer.

Tray for nail gelatin

If you notice that your nails become overly dry and prone to breakage, then to strengthen them you must do the tub with mild in its effects on the skin and nails ingredient - gelatin:

  1. For such a bath will need 0.5 liters of warm water and 1 tbsp gelatin, which are dissolved in water.
  2. On 15 minutes, soak nails in the tub.
  3. Then lubricate the nails with a nourishing cream or oil.

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