What gel lacquer is better?

What gel lacquer is better?

Today, more women are doing at home manicure using gel varnish . Therefore, many perplexed how to choose a gel varnish, so that it can be applied easily, and well kept. The most good-gel lacquer is quite difficult to choose, because each individual producer, they differ in their properties, but knowing some tricks to do it will be easier.

Advantages gel varnish

This tool - a hybrid of varnish and gel. It combines all the benefits of ordinary nail polish and gel modeling. At the same time, a gel nail polish would you choose, you can be sure that there is no formaldehyde, toluene or dibutyl phthalate. The advantages of the gel-lacquers include the fact that they:

  • does not require preconditioning of nails;
  • applied with a brush and dry for a few minutes;
  • during solidification it is possible to adjust the surface;
  • not lubricated, does not cleave, does not leave streaks and heavier nails,
  • preserve the original appearance for almost 2 weeks;
  • It can be easily removed;
  • It does not cause allergies.

How to choose a gel varnish?

Of course, confused and not know which gel lacquer is better to choose, can be every woman, because in the world there are many cosmetic brands that releasing the tool: ChinaGlaze, CND, EzFlow, Jessica, Harmony, Ibd, OPI, Orly, Entity, etc. .d. But the most popular brands of gel nail in nail-industry are Shellac by CND, Just GelPolishotibd from Ibd and Jessica Geleration.

If we talk about Shellac on to CND, it is impossible not to mention that many masters do not even want to try other brands and choose which gel lacquers are the best, constantly using this tool. This gel nail thick and perfectly lays down on the nail. Just one of its layer can provide a uniform and rich color. Choosing Shellac, you can be sure that the coverage will be 2-3 weeks in perfect condition with no chips or scratches. The disadvantages of this gel polish include that it quickly dries up, by becoming a rubber consistency.

Just GelPolish from IBD pleases fans of this manicure saturated color palette. Even to make a "jacket" with it is not difficult: and after 1-2 weeks of coverage does not turn yellow. One bottle is enough for 30-40 covers.

If you choose a gel lacquer is better kept, then Jessica Geleration in this respect superior to all competitors. Three weeks you can not think about how to update manicure. True, buying it, be prepared for the fact that the topcoat Jessica Geleration very uncomfortable brush, so better to buy another. In addition, at the finish of this tool very quickly it thickens. Manit Jessica Geleration their shoppers an excellent palette of colors: 90 shades.

application method

If you have chosen, a gel lacquer is better to know that for the application it is necessary to be sure to comply with a certain algorithm:

  1. Process the nail plate - to give it the desired shape and length (not required to file down!).
  2. Wipe the nail antibacterial drug.
  3. Apply the basis of its dry special UV lamp (10 sec. 1 min).
  4. Apply 2-3 coats of color gel polish (each layer under
    What gel lacquer is better?
    Held UV lamp for two minutes).
  5. Apply fixing layer (polymerized for 2 minutes).
  6. Sponge or a special liquid adhesive layer is removed.

The entire procedure takes about an hour and remove the gel polish pretty quickly and simply. On the nail is applied a special liquid and sponge wrapped around the finger. It is better from top to fix everything with foil and leave for 5-10 minutes. Under the influence of this fluid gel nail breaks and easily washed off.

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