How to cut your nails?

How to cut your nails?

Filing nails - one of the most important procedures to care for them, because if they are wrong to file, they will lose any form or exfoliate and broken.

Before you begin this important process, it is necessary to choose a nail file.

Types of nail files

Nail files can be classified by abrasion and the material from which they are created.

For natural nails perfect nail files are the following materials:

  • glass;
  • crystal;
  • ceramic.

These materials are spared the nail plate, because less heat through friction.

For artificial nails nail files need of artificial materials.

All nail files also vary in abrasiveness. The level of surface roughness called "gritnost". This is a very important parameter for the cutting of artificial nails, because gritnost determines which procedure will be carried out:

  • polished;
  • correction;
  • 100% sawing (80 grit).

The more gritnost nail file, so it is softer.

How to file down the natural nails?

Natural nails are cut away in 4 ways: by themselves and to themselves (perpendicular to the plate) and in the direction from the base of the nail - first the top and then the bottom. Lower filing is necessary to ensure that the nail does not sloilsya.

How to file away accrued acrylic nails?

Correction of acrylic nails is best done with a nail file abrasive 150 and 80. The rough side makes the first filing, and the elimination of soft roughness.

If the nail is cut away completely, then you need to work a party of 80 in the entire nail plate.

How to file down the gel nails?

Before you cut a gel nails, you need to pick up a nail file with an abrasive 100 and 180. The gel material is softer than acrylic, and so there is need for more soft nail file.

Correction nail shape

Nail file for artificial nails is also used for the correction of the form :

How to square cut nails?

The square shape of the nails cut down first in the horizontal direction and then in the vertical, slightly narrowing the edge of the nail. This is to ensure that the nail does not look "shovel". At the end of the correction round off the corners of the square.

How to cut your nails?

How to cut oval accrued nails?

Nails oval, first adjust the edges by directing the tip of the nail to the nail file, and then align the oval line, holding the nail the edge facing you.

How to cut a sharp gel nails?

Sharp nails as well as oval, corrects the first on the sides. If the sides are rounded nail, the nail file is necessary to repeat the arc of movement, and if the nails have an acute angle, then file down should be in a straight line.

At the end of correction of edge nail polish nail file with an abrasive grit 250-280.

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