Fortifying Nail Polish

Fortifying Nail Polish

It is believed that the hands, especially nails, are a kind of calling card of a woman. But sometimes even orderly and meticulous care not help to cope with problems such as fragility, softness, nail separation . The reasons may be different - and the detrimental effect of the environment, and professional conditions and malfunctions in the body. Good enough to fight this nuisance manifest themselves varnishes to strengthen nails.

How to apply restorative nail polish?

Fortifying lacquer is a therapeutic and prophylactic agent that not only nourishes the nail plate nutrients and strengthens its structure, but also protects from external factors and from the decorative lacquer. Reinforcing nail polishes contain the following ingredients: calcium, iron, protein, keratin, silk thread, vitamins A, E, C and fruit acids.

As a rule, firming varnish transparent and has no color, so it can be applied as a standalone tool (ideal for a natural manicure) or used as the basis for colored decorative paints. Usually firming varnish is applied in 1 - 2 coats.

Strengthening nail gel polish

In recent years, more widespread use of firming gel nail polish - means a hybrid, combining the properties of the gel and nail polish. It is easy to apply (just like nail polish), but keeps on nails 2 - 3 times longer. Gel polish nail fills micro cracks, leveling the surface. In addition, the gel-lacquers contain color pigments of different colors, so do them a manicure is very convenient and practical. However, the dry gel lacquer is necessary under a UV lamp and remove the special tool.

Bitter firming lacquer

Today, a bad nail biting can be quickly using a special firming lacquer bitter. His unpleasant taste completely discourages pull the fingers in his mouth, and nutritious and restorative components to quickly restore damaged as a result of the nail plate.

What paint to choose?

Good nail strengthening nails - it means quality from leading manufacturers, which contains not contain any "pollutant" polish. Consider a few popular manufacturers reinforcing lacquers and feedback on their application.

  1. Sally Hansen - some say that it is difficult to varnish is applied (spread)
    Fortifying Nail Polish
    and quickly chopped off; the effect is there, but only after long-term use (visible after 1 - 2 months).
  2. Trind - means quite expensive, the best effect is achieved when used in conjunction balm for nails of the same manufacturer.
  3. ORLY - long hold on the nails, effective enough, but some do not like this pearlescent varnish.
  4. "Smart Enamel" - a means of helping the majority of consumers, but many say that the varnish is not stable (require frequent updates) and rapidly thickens in the bottle.

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