nail polish Fixer

nail polish Fixer

Regular nail polish can be very beautiful, but the beauty of it lasts very long. After a day or tarnish the varnish starts to flake, and manicures have to be updated. It is in order to preserve the original appearance of the painted nails as long as possible, manufacturers have come up with makeup and stuff, holding a nail varnish on the surface of up to five days or more.

Wonder tool - nail polish fixer - is added to the nail itself or produced in individual bottles. What is this optimization for manicure and a means better to choose? Let's investigate.

Best nail hardener

Nail polish we choose the color, firmness, uniformity of application. Choosing means, fixing nail, you should pay attention to some of the qualities that are required to meet a good fixative lacquer:

  1. The ability to maintain the integrity of the painted surface of the nail - is the most important, the target item. The longer treated with varnish nails retain their form better coped with its task fixer. Typically, the duration of a good fixer for nail polish is 5-7 days.
  2. The absence of bubbles on the nail after the application of funds. As a rule, more or less quality fixers do not give such a "side effect". Check whether a particular manifestation of the varnish is not difficult pimple is different: just shake the bottle and apply varnish or fixer on the surface of the nail.
  3. The effect is brilliant svezhenakrashennogo or "wet" nail - another quality inherent good fixer. Dull surface or change the color basecoat say that is not the best fixative lacquer selected.
  4. Drying speed - something that today, no one is waiting, it is important for all women. Of course, you can purchase a separate drying polish. But modern fixers include Fast evaporating volatile substances, allowing to dry painted nails quickly.
  5. Vitamins and protective substances - some kind of a bonus from a quality product.

How to choose a good fixer nail polish?

Manufacturers of various brands offer fixers, having all the right qualities. By comparing several fixers varnish and assessed their properties, can greatly facilitate the task of selecting the best funds.

  1. Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat Sally Hansen - a great fixer-drying nail polish. Convenient brush allows you to apply a single motion means, and reliable coating preserves the integrity of the primary enamel about 6 days.
  2. Orly In a Snap Nail Dryer - fixative lacquer effect quick drying. Drying component acts fairly quickly, but not recommended to apply the paint before going to bed: there is the likelihood of small dents. As the fixer is a tool meets all the standards.
  3. Orly Glosser - good enough professional nail fixer at an affordable price, which is, nevertheless it does not include dried component. Therefore, after application
    nail polish Fixer
    this means it is recommended to use the dryer.
  4. Belweder - fixing varnish, which is characterized by high resistance and a special glow.
  5. Nded Vylet-Nails - Nail Polish fixing. It combines all the necessary qualities of a great fixer, accelerates the drying of the main polish. Used to manicure artificial nails .
  6. CND Super Shiney Top Coat --fixer gloss lacquer, creating a beautiful effect of "wet nails."
  7. Nail Tek - fixative lacquer allowing manicure persist up to 7 days.

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