Sand Nail Polish

Sand Nail Polish

Modern manicure turned into a real art, not only because of skilled craftsmen, and manufacturers of nail polish. Many brands offer a broad palette of tools of different colors and unusual textures. Today, let us consider in detail the effect of varnish with sand, which has already become a real trend of the season.

The composition of sand nail polish

Such texture varnish slightly thicker conventional because it contained glitter - a special silicone filler in the form of grains of different sizes. In addition, such facilities are often enriched with small sequins to create the effect of a weak glow, making the way through the coating structure.

Professional nail with a sandy effect is applied easily, evenly and without streaks, does not leak to the cuticle and nail the corners. One of the advantages of sand lacquer coating is considered to be a high density of the nail plate. Thus, it is not necessary to put in layers 2-3, only one. In addition, there is a high resistance to damage the lacquer and how it holds not less than five days, and often have to wipe the nail polish is not due to loss of the appearance of the coating, as a result of significant regrowth of the nail.

Shades of sand lacquer

Like other kinds of cosmetics for nails, sand lacquer presented in many colors and shades, the choice depends on personal preference.

Among professional manicure it was felt that the best sand nail polish looks in bright pastel colors, and classic white and black colors. The fact that the texture of the lacquer will be badly visible when it is bright saturated color. the impression will be created, if the manicure something is broken or jammed. Muted colors allow to focus on unusual surfaces and structure, the presence of sequins can create favorable soft shimmer and change colors depending on the light.

It is interesting to look white sand nail polish with black glitter. Grits create a unique conspicuous figure on the nail plate, but you is not making any effort and do not spend too much time.

How to choose a nail sand?

First, of course, we need to pay attention to the date of manufacture. The varnish must be fresh. Then, it is worth considering texture agent, its density and viscosity. Too liquid paint will be bad to go to bed, leaking and soiling the skin around the nails. The situation is no better if the coating is too thick - inevitably there will be creases and bumps.

The amount of filler sand in the lacquer is crucial. It is best if the glitter uniformly distributed throughout the volume of the bottle. A small number of grains make manicure sloppy and did not give the desired effect. When the amount of glitter, exceeding the optimum, and stray grains will gain coverage too lumpy appearance.

The best sand nail polish

  1. Kiko Sugar Mat. Luck has a dense texture, it does not shine with a single-layer application. Excellent kept within 5 days lies evenly and smoothly. A special feature is the huge amount of nail polish sequins and Shimmer. The main drawback - Floor
    Sand Nail Polish
    a very long time to dry, especially when applied in several layers.
  2. Dance Legend Sahara Crystal. Luck has gained popularity due to the wide palette of colors and record drying time - 4-5 minutes at double staining. Among the shortcomings should be noted a large brush and uncomfortable watery texture.
  3. Zoya Pixie Dust. In this varnish is perhaps the most convenient brush, allowing accurately cover the nail plate near the cuticle. The tool is excellent pigmented, lacking a single layer to the nail does not shine through. Unfortunately, the paint dries too long and lasts no more than 4 days.

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