Manicure gradient

Manicure gradient

Lovers of exquisite manicure certainly will appeal to this beautiful and at the same time easily workable design nails. "Gradient" is a smooth transition of colors. The first time you see such beauty on someone's hands, the first thought that comes to mind that this technique requires a lot of time and skill. In fact, to create a nice, smooth transition of color on the nails is very simple.

How to Make a gradient on your nails?

Manicure with the transition of color always looks elegant and unusual. However, at home yourself a manicure with gradient effect is fairly easy. There are two easy ways to achieve the desired effect.

method 1

To begin, select 3-5 nail colors that you want to use. They should be approximately in one color, for example, from pale blue to dark blue, or more pastel. You will also need a transparent varnish with small sparkles for the final layer. The easiest way - use applicator for the shadows. First apply the lightest tone of the varnish to the entire nail surface and allow it to dry thoroughly. Now it is necessary to glue the skin around the nail small pieces of adhesive tape, to further avoid the need to remove the varnish with a special liquid. We arm or cosmetic sponge applicator for eyeshadows, drip on him a little bit darker color lacquer and start to apply. Easy, pat bear the following tone, starting around the middle of the nail. How is dry, take the next dark varnish and similarly applied using a sponge on the tip of the nail. The longer the nails, the more smooth transition can be made of several colors. Finally, we cover the entire nail surface with varnish with sparkles or not, and your gradient ready.

method 2

Another way is even easier, but it will take a slice of orange sponge and stick to it. Prepare the nails and cover them with foundation, wait for drying. With an orange stick to apply a sponge oblique strip varnish several shades, and then just print the resulting image on your nail, previously not forgetting to protect the skin around the nail with tape. Lightly press the sponge to the nail surface several times to paint well lay down and turned manicure saturated. The final stage - the resulting coating design with transparent lacquer to secure the result. varnish with small sparkles can be used if desired.

After patterning peel off the adhesive tape and, if necessary, remove excess polish from the skin around the nails, using a special tool for removal of a varnish. Your destination for the individual gradient ready. If desired, you can add rhinestones or a transfer pattern, as well as to represent something with the help of nail paints, such as waves, stripes, dots, or a complex pattern. But the gradient itself looks fine without any additional design elements.

Rainbow on the nail tips
Manicure gradient

To achieve a rainbow effect, instead of several shades of one color, use all the colors of the rainbow - apply them in any of the following methods. Just half an hour of free time, and your nails will be a real reflection of the rainbow. Feel free to try different combinations of colors and varnishes decorative elements to give each time a unique design and fantastic play of colors. Simple performance technology and a great result again and again will delight you and the surrounding brightness and unusual appearance of your fingers. And the endless space, opening to your imagination will allow thirty days a month to come up with something new and implement all your ideas of color.

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