How to make a pattern on your nails?

How to make a pattern on your nails?

What girl does not like to take care of themselves? Especially if care is combined with an enjoyable process, for example, applying make-up or the creation of decorations on the nails. Nail art - a procedure that is available in most modern interior, but quite expensive. Houses can be done very beautiful pattern on nails that will look no worse than the work of salon masters.

Brief lessons nail art

  1. Lesson 1: The Moderation. Nail art drawings is better to create than on each nail, and one or two nails of each hand. In this case, pattern will attract attention.
  2. Lesson 2: A beautiful drawing on nails can be done quickly. At its creation it takes time and skill. It works better on these nails, and not on a piece of paper, because the nail has a circular shape and the creation of the figure on it will require not only patience, but also experience.
  3. Lesson 3. Choosing how to make a drawing on nails, consider the upcoming event and situation. Feathers and large rhinestones on nails will be perfect for the masquerade party or, in everyday life, they are inappropriate and significantly hamper even the most simple tasks.

How to make a pattern on your nails at home?

On long nails looks perfect nail art with rhinestones:

  1. On the colored nail adhesive tape is applied so as to completely cover the entire nail plate and leave the free tip of the nail.
  2. The tip of the nail is varnished in a contrasting color.
  3. On the fresh paint applied decoration (rhinestone and paillette).
  4. Adhesive tape is removed.
  5. It is possible to further consolidate a paste plant at the drop of clear lacquer as glue.

Nail art for short nails is also easy to create with the help of adhesive tape. For example, the tape can be used to create patterns or geometric shapes.

  1. On the painted and dried nail adhesive tape is applied so as to leave open the part of the nail in the form of a square or a triangle.
  2. Nail re varnished have a different color (preferably
    How to make a pattern on your nails?
  3. Scotch carefully removed. On the nail is painted figurine.

Now on sale there ready patterns of stones from rhinestones, all that remains - this is applied to the nail blank. Also became quite popular with the effect of varnish cracks and washouts. This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to create nail art at home, but they should not be abused. All nails, painted in lacquer with "cracks" will create the effect of inaccurate or bitten nails with peeling paint. The rule of moderation applies in respect of such varnishes: released only one or two nail on the hand, and the rest are painted in one color.

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