Stamping Nail

Stamping Nail

Almost every owner of long manicured nails tends to have a perfect, attractive manicure. Modern industry nail design allows not only to increase the claws of any shape and length, but also decorate them with an original pattern. Used for this rhinestones and sequins, a variety of varnishes and paints, stickers and perevodki. Recently the increasing popularity won the nail-stamping or stamping manicure.

Manicure by a stamping

Translated foreign word is simple - stamping. The method is very simple, it is, indeed, drawing on figures nails with special dies. The technology is so simple that you can do stamping their hands at home. One need only to buy a special set of stencils and reserved a small amount of free time.

A distinctive feature of such a manicure that you do not need special skills and drawing talent. Use different cliche allows to dream and experiment, and the procedure itself takes very little time.

How to use stamping?

First we need to make a classic manicure and varnish, nail basis, it can be clear or colored, it is better to abandon the pearly tones to figure looked advantageous. The set for this design includes a number of special inks, special stamp and stencils for stamping.

The CD with pictures, select the one you want to see on your nails. Apply paint to the stencil, attach the stamp, well pressed, and then immediately apply the stamp with the imprint of the figure to the nail. All! To remove the excess paint in the kit you will find a special scraper, and the pair attempts to make you a skilled worker for stamping manicure. To consolidate the effect and save manicure better to cover the finished result with clear lacquer.

Using multiple drives with pictures, drawing pictures on top of each other, a combination of colors - all this opens up a huge scope for your imagination. Create a unique pattern on your nails is now simple. In addition, in the shops of nail design you can not only choose a favorite kit, but additionally buy CDs with stencils and paints, as well as to diversify his collection of tools for manicure or stock sequins, crystals and other materials for decoration.

What is needed for stamping nail?

To apply the drawings on the nails using the punching best buy special paints. The main difference from the varnish is the density and color saturation. It is in order to even the most subtle pattern obtained attractive and bright, the paint has a very rich color. When choosing colors, consider how you will use them. The most popular, of course, considered to be black, white and red. However, original drawings can be obtained with a completely

Stamping Nail
unexpected shades, especially if the foundation to do colorless. Bright berries or unusual prints, lace on the tips of the nails or traces of animals, characters or various colors - now the beauty of your nails completely in your hands.

Create your own atmosphere at their fingertips, spending very little time, come up with and implement any design manicure, entertain friends quickly and accurately figure on the nails. Stamping not only frees you from having to go to beauty salons for drawings on Marigold, but also allows itself to decorate manicure all know women that you care about.

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