Sea salt for nails

Sea salt for nails

Sea salt - is a high quality natural product that helps a person to maintain not only the health, but also beauty. Use of sea salt to improve the condition of the nails in particular has long been known.

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It is not enough just to cut off the cuticle and paint the nails to give them a well-groomed appearance. If the nails are weakened household cleaning products, and in the winter due to lack of vitamins in the body, then some cosmetic measures to solve the problem. All these and other factors often lead to the fact that the nails are beginning to break down constantly, on the fragility resemble a crystal vase, and even exfoliate for any contact.

Of course, not enough to use sea salt in the bath for nails and expect instant results and complete improvement of the state of the nails. Start with the root causes - to take vitamins, consider the diet, providing the body with all the necessary materials to health, to limit direct contact with household chemicals, etc.

The salt is so good?

When used correctly, sea salt will not only strengthen your nails, but also to relieve stress, moisturize the skin, saturate the blood with minerals and reduce muscle pain. All these and other actions due to the unique composition of sea salt. A large number of minerals, mainly including sodium, potassium, iodine, magnesium, calcium and bromine provides truly healing properties of the product. Strengthening sea salt polish to conduct courses, subject to simple but important rules:

  • warm, but not hot water, about 40 degrees;
  • observance of proportions - tablespoon of salt dissolved in 200 ml of warm water;
  • duration of the procedure should not exceed 20 minutes;
  • the course must be at least 10 procedures, which are optimally carried out every other day,
    Sea salt for nails
    alternating with other restorative procedures, such as oil-masks;
  • After the procedure the skin of hands and nails should apply a nourishing or moisturizing cream to prevent drying of the nail plate and the skin of hands.

D can be added to the bath salt and essential oils, this will only increase the effect of the procedure, particularly useful pine oil and citrus, not more than 3 drops per tray. If, after a course of procedures have no effect in the form of activation of growth, reduce brittleness and foliation is not noticed, it is a direct reason to see a doctor to find the deeper reasons.

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