How to whiten nails?

How to whiten nails?

Many people wonder how to whiten nails. Most often, nail plates become unpleasant yellowish tinge after a holiday in hot countries, and if you smoke, use colored lacquers. In addition, the nails turn yellow, because you can have the fungus, as well as diseases of internal organs.

If health problems are not as whiten nails at home, you will learn from this article.

Means for nail whitening

Of course, beautiful healthy nails - an integral part of the image of a woman who looks after himself. Of course, you can cover them with colored lacquer and forget about the problem, but it is equivalent to what you wear cheap underwear for expensive evening dress. It is important not to mask the problem, and to get rid of it. Whiten fingernails, you can, by having recourse to a special procedure in the cabin, or using a whitening pencil polish. This means, of course, are good, but there are other ways to whiten your nails, which are no less effective and quality.

So, how to whiten the nails on the hands and feet? Here are a few popular recipes.

  • Of course, the first and most affordable way to whiten nails at home - it's a lemon. How to whiten nails lemon? Just juice grease them with a brush or cotton pad several times a day, and gradually yellowing leaves.
  • Another method of mechanically removing yellowness - a nail polish. After polishing nails polish. Remember that you can not have recourse to this procedure too often, because it thins the nail platinum.
  • Softer means for whitening polish - a mixture of lemon juice and a few drops of olive oil. Apply this tool to the nail plate, rubbing gently. In addition to whitening olive oil softens the cuticle and makes manicured nails.
  • Well helps whiten nails paste of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Mix the ingredients and apply the resulting slurry on the nails, soak for 2-3 minutes and rinse with cool water. After this procedure, you must use hand cream to neutralize the effect of peroxide and baking soda.

In addition to these methods, a good tool to whiten the nails - a bath of chamomile. It is necessary to make the following brew: brew three tablespoons of chamomile and let stand for 20 minutes. Hold your fingers in warm infusion should be another 20 minutes. This will not only whiten your nails, but also to strengthen them.

How to prevent darkening of nails?

As you know, any problem is easier to prevent than to deal with the consequences. To have no question as to whiten nails, always use a clear base coat for nail polish. This will help protect the nail plate from the negative impact of colored lacquer. In addition, the colored lacquer is not necessary to keep the nails for more than five days. Avoid using and those

How to whiten nails?
varnishes manufacturers who promised a special resistance. Do not apply a nonuniform coating (lacquer of sequin) directly to the nail plate - it is traumatic and causes the nails not only turn yellow, but will exfoliate. If you really want to take advantage of this varnish, apply foundation first, wait until it is completely dry, and only after that nakraste nails glossy lacquer.

Whiten your nails at home can be more exotic ways. Excellent help mango pulp, lime juice, salt dead sea (not only whitens, but also strengthens the nail plate). However, if you follow our advice, you will not have to search for the answer to the question of how to whiten your nails at home, because they will always be in perfect condition.

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