Cuticle oil

Cuticle oil

Well-groomed beautiful hands - this is what must necessarily be proud of every girl. Of course, care for your hands, first of all, it is necessary for myself, but men do not leave without attention manicure beautiful female. Believe me, the stronger sex pays much more attention to detail than we think. And even if you do everything perfectly to the face, figure and clothes, well-groomed nails can significantly spoil the impression, especially when it comes to a first date.

Timely removal and cuticle care - is an integral part of a beautiful manicure. If you have too little time, and you do not have time to visit a salon, just need to put your fingers on a special oil for cuticles and within minutes your pen will become healthier, literally radiant and well-groomed appearance.

Cuticle oil with their own hands

Of course, to remove the cuticle oil can be bought off the shelf. Cosmetic boutiques and some beauty salons are spreading this product, and it is very popular among those who want to look beautiful "to the tips of the nails." However, this means, if it is of good quality, is not cheap, so you can make the cuticle oil with their own hands. Believe me, the recipe that we present below will help you to create really the best oil for cuticles, which does not give the quality and properties of their expensive counterparts.

So, to produce oil for cuticles with your hands, you will need:

  • 1 ml peach oil;
  • 1 ml of olive oil;
  • 1 ml of lemon oil;
  • 1 ml of almond oil;
  • liquid vitamin A and E.

All ingredients must be mixed together. For convenience and accuracy, oils dial with a syringe. It will be convenient to use an empty bottle from under the clear nail polish, which you can pour the cooked mixture. Pre-clean the bottle of lacquer residues pouring acetone to and after washing with running water.

The resulting mixture has a light, pleasant scent of lemon, but it must be kept in a dark place, as the essential oils lose their properties under the influence of direct sunlight.

This cuticle oil is a fairly simple application and is particularly suitable for those whose cuticle - dry and often cracked. After dry nail cuticle holders are satisfied with no more than two or three days, and then begin to appear burrs as quickly dry out the cuticle.

How to use the oil for cuticles?

So, this oil must be applied to the nail and periungual area with a brush, hold for 20-30 minutes, and then carefully rub. You can wear latex gloves after struck oil - it will only increase the effect. The gloves can do the cleaning, work on the computer, do household chores. Once you have them take off and erase the remaining oil

Cuticle oil
sponge, you can enjoy the beautiful manicured hands all day long!

Any essential oil for cuticles should be used as often as possible. Not only porridge butter will not spoil, but also nails! Therefore, if you use this tool on a daily basis, then a week later the application will notice that your nails are in need of a professional manicure is not as often as before. Among other things, good enough for essential cuticle not only softens the skin around the nail, but also strengthens the nail plate, nourishing it and saturating minerals.

Do not rush to buy ready-made oil for the cuticle - making it your own hands you are, firstly, you get the same results for less money, and secondly, will be assured of the quality and naturalness of the ingredients.

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