Peeling of the skin on the elbows

Peeling of the skin on the elbows

Tell me, ladies, if you like a nice fashionable clothes of bright light fabrics? What a stupid question, many would say, who does not like to look stylish and elegant. Did you know that some people are not able to wear clothes with short sleeves? Why? The reason is simple to banality - peeling of the skin on the elbows, about her and talk today.

Why on the elbows is dry skin?

To begin with let's understand, because of what is produced rough skin on elbows. And then we talk about the methods of solving this vexing problem, forcing some to sigh with envy, while others flaunt in summer dresses and blouses with short sleeves.

Thus, the reason why on the elbows is dry skin, a few. Firstly, modern environmental conditions, especially in large cities, is poor. Polluted water and air, poor diet and hectic lifestyle, and chronic fatigue, leave their mark on the appearance. And the skin, including the elbows, may react to the first above mentioned negative factors.

Secondly, the reason for the rough skin on the elbows can be either vitamin deficiencies of vitamins A and E, or any disease of the endocrine system. And that, and another, again primarily reflected in the mirror of the body - the skin.

Thirdly, and the most unpleasant, peeling of the skin on the elbows can talk about some kind of infectious disease, such as dermatitis or psoriasis. But this cause must identify dermatologist.

Fourth, hardened skin on the elbows may indicate an allergy to some foods, cosmetics or something else. In this case, callous arise due raschёsov, because many allergies sometimes strongly itch hands and other places, which pours irritation.

And finally, fifth, peeling of the skin on the elbows can talk about the wrong personal care. For personal hygiene has not been canceled yet.

How to soften the skin on my elbows?

But for whatever reason, the skin on your elbows or shelled, this problem can always be eliminated, it would wish.

If peeling blame beriberi, Diversify your diet fruits and vegetables, take vitamin and mineral supplements that contain vitamins A and E. For example, an ordinary cheap Aevitum, undevit or komplevit.

If the main reason is the infection or hormonal disorder, go on reception to the dermatologist or endocrinologist.

Peeling of the skin on the elbows
The doctor will conduct all the necessary research and appoint competent treatment of the underlying disease. And when it can handle, the skin on the elbows back to normal.

If the problem is related to the environment, that often leave the city, walk through the forest or a meadow, try to eat foods with their own infield or buy them from the truckers. And even the skin on the elbows can be made smooth and beautiful with the help of simple manipulations.

Firstly, for 10-15 minutes before receiving a bath or shower thoroughly rub your elbows slice of raw potato or a piece of lemon. And in the bath vigorously rub them hard sponge to remove all the peel and callous.

After water treatment, when the skin is softened, it is very well accept a any ointment and lubrication. And this, in our case should be used. Apply on the skin elbow greasy nourishing cream or any oil, you can even butter or sunflower. Then cover with a layer of cotton wool elbows, plastic wrap and secure with an elastic bandage. To make the procedure better at night.

And remember, whatever was due to the dryness of the skin elbows, it is possible to win. Everything is in your hands, act, and very soon you will also sport a healthy skin, not afraid to put it on display.

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