The barbs on the fingers

The barbs on the fingers

Burrs - a small, torn pieces of skin near the nail, which bring a lot of inconvenience. Until now, there are disputes as well be called "burr" or "barb"? In fact, not much difference - both options are valid and have the same value. Just a "burr" is a masculine noun, and "barb" - the female.

Burrs on the fingers of the hand make untidy and more vulnerable to various infections Inflammation burr -. It is an unpleasant and painful process. These small pieces of skin near the nail interfere do housework, and cling to spoil any manicure. From this trouble once suffered many men and women. In order to get rid of burrs need to know how to properly care for the skin around the nails and hands.

From what appear burrs?

One of the most common causes of burrs on the fingers of children and adults is a bad habit to bite his nails. In childhood, to quit a lot easier, as adults it takes root and becomes chronic. Often burrs occur in adults after a lengthy cleaning, washing, or washing dishes. The delicate skin around the nail may break and form a hangnail. Detergents, powders and hard sponges mainly have a devastating effect on the skin it is near the nail.

If the barb on the fingers appear by themselves, this is evidence of a lack of vitamins in the body, or of diseases of the digestive system. In this case, the burr to run up and sore.

How to get rid of burrs?

The first thing to do when a barb on the fingers - is to remove the cause of their occurrence. After that you can start treatment burrs. Dermatologists offer more effective ways to get rid of the burr:

  • dry skin around the nail must be carefully cut off before she cracked. Deburring should be made thinner, nail scissors or special tweezers. Any tool should be sharpened, otherwise the skin may be damaged. Deburring can be done in a beauty salon or at home;
  • barb on the fingers must be treated with disinfectants - it prevents infection and inflammation;
  • After deburring hands should be lubricated moisturizer or oil. This procedure should be done on a daily basis - hydrated skin is less prone to cracking;
  • during cleaning, washing or other work using detergents should be worn on the hand gloves, or barbs are inflamed and hurt;
  • The barbs on the fingers
  • to get rid of burrs in children, it is necessary first of all to cure their nail-biting. After that, the child should be taught include hands clean and neatness.

The appearance of cracked skin on the hands is much easier to prevent than to deal with the removal of burrs. To do this before each exit to the street to grease the hand cream with glycerine. Especially this procedure can not be neglected in the cold weather. you should use a mild baby soap or hand-washing. After all homework is necessary to moisturize your hands - on the skin moisturized burrs appear much less frequently. As a precaution, you can use special means to care for the cuticle. These simple procedures can forget about a problem like burrs, and make the skin on your hands more attractive. In order to obtain professional advice on skin care around the nails should visit the beauty salon or dermatologist.

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