Winter nail design

Winter nail design

Winter - it's an exciting time, with lots of parties, which makes it possible to transform our appearance. In this article we will talk about how to portray the winter on our nails.

The main feature of the winter nail is that at this time our body often lacks vitamins, it is bad for the state of the nails. And the wind, cold and dry only aggravate the situation. The first thing you need to know each of the fair sex - is that the nails in the winter time, a more thorough care. The main stages of care for winter nails: regular filing, hydration, cuticle care, vitamins and decorative manicure.

Decorative manicure should pay special attention. Winter - it's time for creativity and realization of all their fantasies. So why not bring all their ideas on their own nails?

Today, winter nail design - it is a way to express themselves, to tell about his or her identity. Winter patterns on the nails can be enjoyed in the lounge or perform at home. The main rule - any varnish should be applied only on the well-groomed nails. We offer several options for winter nail design:

  • Winter nails with artistic painting. Create a winter drawings on the nails just easier with the help of water and acrylic paints. Special brush, needle or
    Winter nail design
    stick paint is applied to the nail plate and then fixed with a transparent varnish, fixative. Winter painted nails can be done at home if you can boast that you have this skill;
  • Winter volumetric Naroscheny nails. This embodiment is usually performed by masters and is used in cases of different occasions. As such daily manicure nails are uncomfortable. Using acrylic powder and gel specialist creates a winter pattern on your nails - snowflakes, Christmas trees, snowmen and more. Figures obtained by the three-dimensional - three-dimensional. One of the most popular winter bulk drawings on the nails presented in the photo;
  • winter version nails with the use of foil and foil rhinestones and crystals -. it is the perfect complement any winter compositions. Gloss, brightness and flicker - these decorations to create a holiday on our nails. Professional Manicure with these elements can only be a specialist. Rhinestones are attached to the nail with a special glue, transparent varnish or a drop of acrylic paints. After that, the decorative elements attached to the nail special fixative. The foil can be stuck on the nail or distributed by means of a needle into small pieces. Foil and rhinestones easier to create a design for the winter of extension nails, as the long nails, these decorations look more impressive.

In addition to the methods listed above can be nails decorating: stickers, sparkles

Winter nail design
and colored sand. These ornaments are sold in stores, so every woman can try to create a winter on the nails at home. Numerous catalogs and brochures you can find options for winter nails with photos and detailed description. But if winter pictures on nails needed for an important event, it is best to contact the beauty salon. Manicurist perform all necessary your nails beauty treatments, and then create a smooth and beautiful winter pattern. Because only high-quality manicure on beautiful manicured hands looks impressive and is admiring glances. Also, remember that winter nail design should be combined with make-up, appearance and accessories.

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