brings hands

brings hands

The feeling when driving your hands cramp is not pleasant. Surely every man at least once faced with the phenomenon of life. Convulsions may disturb hand is very rare, but in some people they occur frequently than deliver a lot of inconvenience. In order to get rid of these unpleasant feelings, you must determine why the spasm reduces hands, fingers or any other part of the body.

The most common causes cramping of hands:

  • I excessive physical activity. Due to the intense workouts - running, jumping, stretching, swimming, muscle overexertion can happen. Overexertion leads to the fact that the arm muscles cramped and there are painful sensations;
  • poisoning. As a result of strong food or alcohol poisoning often occur cramps fingers. It happens that after the poisoning fingers cramp repeatedly over several days;
  • hypothermia. Under the effect of cold water, many people driving the hands and different muscles;
  • poor blood supply to the muscles. People with poor blood supply to the muscles often brings hands or feet under the influence of cold or exercise;
  • lack of calcium in the diet;
  • sudden fear.

Only after the causes spasms, you can look for an answer to the question, what if the driving arm. Depending on the situation, age, general health, you should choose the appropriate means to combat this nuisance.

There are several ways to get rid of cramps various parts of the body:

  1. Massage. If the spasm reduces hands, fingers or feet, it is necessary, first of all, a good massage the hurt place. This simple procedure helps to improve blood circulation and get rid of the cramps. If you cramp regularly brings the right or left hand, the massage should be done on a daily basis, without waiting for the next spasm. For massage you can use oil or balm.
  2. Warm baths. If the spasm reduces hands regularly at night, in order to prevent should take warm baths. The bath sea salt may be added either aromatic oil. This procedure allows you to relax all the muscles of the body and relieve tension.
  3. Herbal teas. Herbal medicine is a good tool for the prevention of many diseases. If you cramp regularly brings hands should drink chamomile tea daily - it helps to relax the muscles. Also, a good relaxing agent is lime tea. If you cramp during pregnancy reduces the hand, before the use of herbs should consult a doctor - some may be contraindicated.
  4. Power. To be included in the daily diet of foods containing large amounts of calcium and potassium With regular convulsions hands. These products include: milk, cheese, fresh vegetables and herbs.
    brings hands
  5. Avoid hypothermia. Regular hypothermia is able to make a chronic seizures, so it is particularly important to prevent hypothermia for those who have seizures happen often enough.

If you get rid of cramps hand does not work on their own, you can seek advice from a reflexologist. Perhaps it reduces cramp your hands or fingers due to regular exposure to certain active points of the body. And this, in turn, causes increased blood flow and the occurrence of spasm. The specialist will be able to identify this kind of problem and suggest the most appropriate method that will get rid of cramps.

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