Laser Removal of corns

Laser Removal of corns

With unaesthetic and painful blisters , usually appearing after wear new or tight shoes, any woman encountered. And many people know that sometimes cope with these formations on the skin is quite difficult, especially when it comes to the core of deep blisters. In such cases it is necessary to seek help from professionals who can offer effective medical treatments to remove corns. One of them - laser therapy, ie, Laser removal of calluses with a rod.

Removing stem calluses on his feet laser

Removing the laser it is usually recommended for dry, chronic and core calluses on the toes, feet, heels. This procedure takes a maximum of five minutes, after which you can return almost immediately to the usual active lifestyle. But it is necessary to consider that this technique somewhat painful, so laser therapy is performed before the local anesthetic .

During the procedure, by means of the exact direction of the laser beam produced effects on keratinized tissue formation and its inner core, while the healthy skin is not affected and will not be damaged. In this case the laser light not only allows removal of calluses and disinfect the damaged portion, thereby healing occurs very quickly. This procedure is bloodless, after it is left scars.

Precautionary measures

However, laser removal of calluses are not allowed to conduct all categories of patients. For example, to refuse this procedure will have for those who suffer from diabetes, cancers, pregnant and lactating women. After laser therapy is not recommended to visit the baths, saunas until they are healed, and you want to perform care Ranke (like domestic superficial cuts).

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