Cramps in the legs at night - Causes and Treatment

Cramps in the legs at night - Causes and Treatment

At night, many of the processes in the body are felt more acutely: the pain increases, torturing anxiety, etc. Often there are cramps in the legs at night, the reason for the phenomenon and what are the methods of treatment? Professional advice to help solve this problem.

Causes of nocturnal seizures

The reasons for which reduces leg cramps at night, a lot. Here are the main ones:

  • an awkward position, resulting in a pinching of the nerve canal muscles;
  • hypothermia from prolonged exposure to cold or when bathing in cold water;
  • deficiency of vitamins D, E, B2 and B6;
  • lack of minerals, especially iron, potassium, calcium and magnesium;
  • lack of amino acids taurine;
  • circulatory disorders of the muscles;
  • the impact of excessive physical exertion;
  • dehydration.

Cramps leg muscles are also often seen in those who suffer from diseases:

  • thyroid gland;
  • nervous system;
  • varicose veins;
  • flat feet ;
  • diabetes;
  • brain tumors.

Also cramps at night are typical for people with nicotine dependence and lovers of strong coffee.

Information! The cause of leg cramps at night can be treated tablets. Most often, such a reaction is the result of the use of drugs from the group of diuretics, statins and nicotinic acid.

Treatment of cramps in the legs, emerging at night

To eliminate nocturnal cramps should understand the reasons that led to their appearance. If this is a one-time phenomenon, one can do a warm foot bath with salt massage the calves and feet, use the tool that reduces muscle pain, for example, rub his feet Baneotsinom, Apizatronom, Menovazin etc. Razogrevayusche-analgesic effect is created when rubbing the feet with vodka or apple cider vinegar.

If there is insufficient in the diet of any components, you need to adjust your diet. For health is useful on a daily basis to eat dairy products, eggs, vegetables, cereals. It is advisable to frequently eat nuts, prunes, dried apricots, fresh berries. The doctors strongly advised to fill vitamin and mineral deficiency in the autumn-winter season to take vitamin and mineral complexes. The best solution to remove hypocalcemia in pregnant women and the age of patients, in which the cause of cramps in the legs at night is a lack of calcium and vitamin D, - tablets Osteomid, Osteomed Forte.

Varicose veins should be treated according to the recommendations given by the doctor-phlebologist, as the disease is associated with thrombophlebitis, and there is a threat of separation and thrombus occlusion of the vessel. As used antithrombotic therapy ointments and gels:

  • heparin ,
  • Lioton;
  • Venolayf;
  • Lavinum;
  • Gepatrombin;
  • Troxevasin etc.

In addition, nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs are used, such as:

  • Nise;
  • Diclofenac;
  • Ibuprofen.

Remove tension depressants help phytoremedy type of tincture of valerian root. In other chronic diseases should inform your doctor about the problem, but most therapy is aimed at treating the underlying disease.

Cramps in the legs at night - Causes and Treatment

For the treatment of cramps in the legs folk remedies can be used at night. Good relieve muscle tension and eliminate the swelling of feet bath with a decoction of thyme. Excellent help with frequent convulsions rubbing mustard oil. To eliminate the inflammation and irregularities in the muscle tissue, you can use the infusion of linden flowers on vodka. Means taken orally twice a day for a teaspoon.

Tip: if suddenly cramped leg, it is necessary to sit down on the bed, his legs dangling in the cool surface, and tap the foot on the floor and then stand up straight. With a strong spasm, pull your toes on sensitive or pinch the foot.

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