Foot Cream with urea

Foot Cream with urea

Sooner or later how important special funds for the feet, understands each of the fair sex. Special attention should foot cream with urea. Nothing special about it is impossible to determine at first glance. But it is worth to try once means. The result of the use of force not long in coming and will surprise any.

Use cream for feet with urea for diabetics

Urea - one hundred percent natural ingredient, which is available in the body of each person. It is responsible for maintaining normal water balance in the skin and prevents the appearance of cracks on it, wounds, ulcers, blisters. If it is missing, the problems begin immediately.

Foot cream with urea supports the epidermis, intensely moisturizing it. Besides, they help even very dry skin. Effective means is simple: they do not allow the necessary moisture to evaporate, tying it. Shortly after applying roughness disappear, leaving fatigue and heaviness in the legs .

Almost become indispensable foot cream with urea in diabetes. Due to the sharp increase in the level of glucose liquid quickly leaves the body of patients. This leads to dehydration of the epidermis and the formation of itchy and painful wounds, which in improper treatment can not heal for a few months, to fester and bring a lot of discomfort.

Top softening foot cream urea from cracks and corns

Choosing modern moisturizer for the feet is large enough. They are all high quality. And to choose a suitable cream will have to experiment a little bit.


The cream contains 18% urea. The tool is designed not only for active humidification and power healing wounds already formed protection. In addition, as part of its

Foot Cream with urea
It contains silver, vitamin E, glycolic acid .


Fairly well-known tool - softening foot cream with urea. It acts quickly and comprehensively, relieving tension with the legs, preventing painful calluses and softening the skin effectively.


The cream is better than similar funds relieves itching. Experts prescribe it for psoriasis, eczema.


The tool is intended for dry and very dry epidermis. Its application provides recovery of water and lipid balance. The cream also helps to remove excess skin of antioxidants.


This cream is ideal for people with impaired carbohydrate metabolism.

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