Necrosis legs

Necrosis legs

Necrosis legs - gangrene - a destructive process in which the death of tissue cells. This problem - not a sight for the faint of heart. Evolve it may for various reasons. Improper treatment of gangrene can occur against a background of serious injury, thermal or chemical burns. But it also happens that necrosis occurs due to the invisible eye, the so-called internal factors.

Symptoms of leg necrosis

Surely you've heard that some patients with diabetes in the struggle with the disease lose their fingers in the lower limbs, and even the entire foot. Indeed, very often precedes the gangrene of the feet of the cessation of the blood supply to part of the body. And if time does not begin treatment, the disease may well result in amputation or even death.

It starts with necrosis of toe pain. Discomfort is often even able to knock the patient out of the rut and immobilize. After some time to symptom joins loss of sensation and numbness in limbs. Against this background, frequently observed violations of motor function.

In addition, a number of leg necrosis signs of diabetes or injuries include the following:

  • pallor (and later blue or darkening) of the skin;
  • constant cold in the legs;
  • convulsions ;
  • education on skin wounds and sores that do not heal for a long time;
  • walking legs tire quickly;
  • there is intermittent claudication;
  • odor.

How to treat necrosis of the feet?

It is important to understand that the necrosis is very difficult to cure. The process of struggle with the disease can take a lot of time. If gangrene is detected at an early stage of development, deal with it, in theory, is possible by means of conservative methods. Well proven physical therapy, exercises, physical therapy, massage.

Necrosis legs
In some cases it is impossible to do without special antibiotics and antiinflammatory agents.

Treatment of necrosis of the running legs almost always starts with a bypass or a prosthetics. During both procedures in the affected limb implanted artificial blood vessels through which blood flow is resumed lesion tissue.

In the most severe stage of gangrene too great a risk of intoxication . The only real and effective way to prevent this phenomenon - hold amputation in whole or part.

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