Gevol - Foot Cream

Gevol - Foot Cream

Mistakenly, some ladies find that special care is required only the facial skin. In fact, in the arsenal of women should be a means for the whole body, for example, foot cream Gevol. Why this manufacturer? It's simple: Gevol - the company that produces creams, gel and lotions for the feet for the past 150 years. The quality of their leaves no doubt, and after use, according to many women, their effect is really noticeable.

cream Ingredients Gevol

Immediately should warn that this means quite expensive. But the use of the result will be pleasantly surprised and will justify all the money spent on the purchase. The key to success - in a secret ingredient. What he is, knows only a few employees.

Apart from him, the cream for the feet against cracking Gevol includes the following components:

  • lanolin - nourishing substance with provitamin D;
  • avocado oil to make the skin soft and smooth, perfectly valid in the rough epidermis;
  • potassium ricinoleate provides elasticity and strengthen, restore the process of sweating and controls;
  • wheat germ oil vitaminizes skin;
  • natural fats protect against coarsening;
  • Jojoba oil provides the skin soft and velvety.

Features cream Gevol use of cracks on the heels

Cracks on the feet - a problem many women. While some believe that is the bane of middle-aged ladies. But this opinion is erroneous - grooves may appear for different reasons, even in young girls. To prevent their occurrence can only be cured root cause. But get rid of any external manifestations of the problem will help the cream Gevol cracks.

Recovery should be comprehensive:

  1. During pedicure cracks edges need to handle special
    Gevol - Foot Cream
    carefully to clear the grooves of the cornified and dead skin particles.
  2. The next stage of treatment - wraps with cream Gevol. Some salons do them, but if you want the procedure can be performed easily at home. It is enough to handle the foot means, wrap in plastic bags or plastic wrap and warm cotton socks. It is advisable to make a compress for the night.
  3. Even when the cream for rough skin Gevol no longer necessary, you can not stop caring for their feet. They continue to be treated regularly soothing, restorative, protective and deodorant.

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