Massage legs and feet

Massage legs and feet

The basis of reflexology is the impact on specific points corresponding to the nerve endings located on the soles. Therefore foot massage and foot beneficial effect not only on the state of the lower extremities, eliminating pain and swelling, but also has a positive effect on overall health, the functioning of internal organs and systems.

Acupressure foot and leg

Before performing the procedures necessary to prepare properly. To do this, make a warm bath for the feet (10-15 minutes) to completely relax them, after which wipe dry the skin, warming her intense towels movements.

Picking up a nourishing cream or butter, you can start:

  1. Massage the heel, moving along the base of the fingers.
  2. Pressing movements again climb to the top of the foot. With your thumbs, massage the heel once again.
  3. Rub in a circular motion around the ankle point.
  4. Squeeze his hand into a fist, put pressure on the foot cavity.
  5. Gently sip, massaging each toe.
  6. Mash the Achilles tendon.
  7. Massage the long muscles, starting from the ankles and ending at the knee.
  8. Finish in the hips, pressing the dot on the skin, as if fingering.

If there is a valgus deformity , can be supplemented with the basic techniques of massage kneading foot bones in the leg. To do this, vigorously rub the problem areas, is not feeling the heat will be. When should gently stretch your treatment area, placing your thumb in the direction of bone growth.

Important points to massage the feet and legs

Massage legs and feet

The considered technique of acupuncture can improve the function of internal organs and all systems, if you know what areas you need to work.

For example, in the area of the fingers and the pads are arranged point responsible for brain function, visual and auditory system, bronchi and lungs, thyroid gland.

In the center of the foot - the digestive zone, genitourinary and cardiovascular system.

On the heels of localized nerve endings that correspond to the intestines, gonads.

More information about the location of points, you can use the pattern.

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