Swollen ankles feet - the reason

Swollen ankles feet - the reason

Most women know the feeling of relief when, on arrival home, finally manages to take off her shoes, which strongly shake. It occurs because the swollen ankles, legs in the end of the day - the reason for this phenomenon may consist in the development of serious diseases or be a consequence of a more innocuous and non-hazardous external factors.

Causes of ankle swelling feet

In order to establish the circumstances because of which there is described a problem important concomitant symptoms of edema. Pathology varies depending on both limbs swell or one. In the first case, as a rule, there is a progression of diseases of the internal systems of the body, while the second - leg injury and damage.

Consider the details.

Swollen legs in the ankle area - the reasons for the phenomenon of bilateral

These factors include:

  1. Wearing uncomfortable shoes. Lower limb condition depends on the correct distribution of the load on the foot. When properly selected height heel lift pad width and occurs as a violation of lymph and blood flow, which inevitably leads to edema.
  2. Overweight. In addition to the deterioration of the current biological fluids through the vessels, obesity provokes a higher load on the joints.
  3. Prolonged sitting or standing position. The lack of active movement and walking throughout the day can also lead to disruption of the blood and lymph drainage.
  4. Diseases of the kidneys and urinary system. Progressive chronic and acute disease characterized by an increase in the permeability of blood vessels and the accumulation of fluid in the soft tissues, deterioration of water and electrolyte balance.
  5. Lymphedema and lymphostasis Symptoms -. A violation of lymphatic drainage of the lower limbs, its stagnation in the area of the ankles and legs.
  6. Diseases of the cardiovascular system. The most common cause, especially in women. For it is mainly characterized by swelling in the evening.
  7. Taking certain medications. For drugs that cause the described problems are hormonal, antihypertensives and antidepressants.
  8. Pregnancy. In the later stages due to the substantial increase in size of the uterus, it begins to compress the inferior vena cava. As a result of temporarily disrupted the outflow of venous blood.

It should be noted that the legs become swollen ankles in oncology - the reason for this is the use of chemical and radiation therapy for the treatment. These effects disturb the functioning of the circulatory system, leading to a deterioration of the circulatory, lymphatic stasis in the tissues.

Causes of ankle edema, left or right foot

If this phenomenon is present only on one limb, the reasons may be as follows:

  1. Thrombosis. It is a formation of a blood clot in a vein that partially or totally clog it.
  2. Inflammation of the ankle joint. Osteoarthritis and arthritis are accompanied by an increased load on the joint, which provokes compression of blood vessels and the appearance of edema.
    Swollen ankles feet - the reason
  3. Mechanical injury. Damage to bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and soft tissues, usually combined with internal bleeding, leading to a temporary swelling.
  4. . Infectious Diseases lesions that are causing problems - abscesses, dermatological diseases, cellulitis.
  5. Allergic reaction. Occurs when releasing the poison bites of insects or animals in the ankle area.

Also, women complain that sometimes, in the morning and at night, swells the right or the left leg in the ankle - causes of these symptoms are likely to varicose veins . In them there is stagnation of blood from the poor performance of the heart valve, and the gradual accumulation of fluid into the surrounding tissue.

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