Corn on the foot

Corn on the foot

Corn - a dense overgrowth of the upper layer of the skin. In the field of friction and pressure, it is pressed into the skin, thereby causing discomfort.

Treatment of dry corn on the foot

Dry corn arise, usually when there is constant friction or pressure on the skin. Most often, they occur on the toes, heels and soles. The most common reason for their appearance - awkward, incorrectly matched shoes. On the surface of dry corn can form a crack, through which germs can enter, and the result will be inflammation. To avoid this, you need to immediately eliminate the cause of the corn and begin treatment.

In cosmetology offices and beauty salons to get rid of this problem can be using cryoablation procedure - under the influence of liquid nitrogen dense formations destroyed in the skin. Also with dry calluses copes laser and radiowave surgery.

How to remove callus on foot traditional methods?

One of the most popular ways:

  1. Onion peel pour vinegar so that it was covered with liquid.
  2. We leave to infuse for 2 weeks at the bank, covered with paper and cloth bandaged.
  3. After that, we take out the husk, give to drain the fluid and slightly dried it.
  4. Then placing it on the corn at night, a layer of the husk should be about 2 cm.
  5. The skin around the corn oil the petroleum jelly.
  6. In the morning the softened callus removed.

If you achieve the desired result was not possible for one time, repeat the procedure several times.

Another method:

  1. Fresh raw meat (pork or beef) is applied to dry corn for 3 hours.
  2. After that corn can be easily removed.

The recipe on the basis of propolis:

  1. The heated propolis add a little fat and form a cake.
  2. We put it to the corn at night, pre-steam the legs.
  3. On the morning of exfoliated skin cells can be removed with a pumice stone.

Corn on the foot with the rod

If dry corn on the foot is not treated, over time it can be transformed into the corn with the rod, which grows into the tissue and cause severe pain.

If there was a foot corn with the rod, it is better, of course, go to the hospital or beauty center. The skilled person will quickly and almost painlessly get rid of this disease.

The home can use gels, patches , creams based on the salicylic acid. These tools can be purchased at the pharmacy. But they must be used very carefully so as not to hurt the skin around.

How to bring corn to the rod on the foot with the help of folk remedies?

Again come to the aid onions:

  1. From onion or garlic make gruel.
  2. We impose it on a napkin.
  3. Using adhesive tape fix in place with a rod of corn.
  4. It is best to do this procedure at night.

Sometimes, in order to completely remove the corn with the rod, it may take about 10 procedures.

Celandine also copes with this problem:

  1. Corns pre-steamed.
  2. Healthy skin around the plaster to seal.
  3. In place of the most corn we put the juice of celandine.
  4. We perform these procedures until the root is removed.

If the corn is not chronic, can help the soap-soda baths. For this:

Corn on the foot
  1. The hot water Pour soda and add soap.
  2. Soar feet for half an hour, and then try to gently separate the corn.

Attention is drawn to the fact that the removal must be absolutely painless, healthy skin is damaged at the same time should not. Sometimes you need to spend 10-15 procedures.

Similarly, it can be used and mustard bath. Number of soda and mustard - 1 tablespoon per 3 liters of water. After the procedure, it is desirable to apply the damaged area a special pharmacy remedy - corn liquid.

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