Lymphatic drainage massage legs

Lymphatic drainage massage legs

Our feet are regularly subjected to heavy loads. Stress, bad habits, a long walk or, on the contrary, being in a sitting position - all this leads to blockage of blood circulation and lymphatic drainage systems. Swelling, a constant feeling of heaviness in the legs, cellulite - this is due to a decrease in the outflow of lymph and output exchange of intercellular space products.

Hardware lymphatic drainage massage the feet

This type of massage is mainly carried out in beauty and fitness centers. There are several kinds of hardware lymphatic drainage massage legs.


This type of massage is performed in a special suit (pants and jacket). For the procedure, the client puts on a suit, take a comfortable position for him. massage period lasts 20-40 minutes, and during the pneumatic chamber is forced air, which creates an undulating alternating vacuum and pressure effects. The result becomes a pressure therapy vasodilatation for lymphatic drainage and blood flow to problem areas actively. It accelerates the expansion of fat and improves the nutrition of tissues. Even after the first treatment you will notice a small amount of losses due to removing puffiness, and the appearance of feeling of lightness.

Vacuum lymphatic drainage massage the feet

This procedure is performed by means of special nozzles for a device that creates a negative pressure. Massage can be both stable (while holding the nozzle at one place for 2-4 seconds) and labile (moving the nozzle along the massage lines without stopping). Before starting the procedure feet surface treated with a special oil or gel for easy packing slip and achieve the best effect.


It is one of the latest innovations in the technique of performing lymphatic drainage massage legs. With this technique, hardware massage pulse electric current is passed with rubber pads, and allow access to the deeper layers of muscle. AC feed stimulates their periodic reductions, and it perfectly stimulates the lymphatic drainage system.

Manual lymphatic drainage massage the feet

Despite the development of special machines and devices for massage, hand massage is considered the best and most effective for an individual approach to each person. Manual lymph drainage massage usually applied all over the body and activates the lymphatic drainage system. But with anti-cellulite massage of the feet are also used lymph drainage techniques.

This massage consists of a set of relaxing, stroking and patting movements exchangeable study of the deeper layers of the muscles and lymph collectors. For best results, apply the essential oils of rosemary, grapefruit, lemon, orange. Manual lymph drainage massage is done every other day for 4-5 weeks to achieve a stable effect and lasts for 1-1.5 hours.

Contraindications for lymphatic drainage massage

As with any medical or cosmetic procedure, lymph drainage massage has its contraindications:

  • pregnancy;
  • oncological diseases;
  • blood clots;
  • infectious diseases;
  • Lymphatic drainage massage legs
  • with caution in diseases of the reproductive system, heart and kidneys.

Lymphatic drainage massage legs with varicose veins

There is a preconceived opinion that the varicose veins are contraindicated, mechanical impact on the legs vessels. But, as practice shows, lymphatic drainage massage the feet, held an expert, the most effective treatment of this disease is carried out in combination with other physiotherapy (physical therapy and acupuncture). Complete healing of varicose veins with massage can not give, but ensures the removal of pain and swelling.

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