Trophic ulcer on his leg - treatment

Trophic ulcer on his leg - treatment

Pretty deep wounds that do not heal on their own for more than 6 weeks, called trophic ulcers. These can occur for various reasons, mainly due to venous and arterial lesions thrombophlebitis. It is very important to choose the right local and systemic therapy, if there is a trophic ulcer on the leg - without control specialist treatment can cause chronic process, purulent inflammation spreads to neighboring areas.

trophic ulcer treatment drugs with the use of modern technologies

Therapy is primarily aimed at the elimination of the disease, which has become the root cause of the symptom reporting.

When the laboratory is often found that the wound is infected with a variety of coccoid bacteria, sometimes - fungi. Despite the large number of broad-spectrum antibiotics, these drugs are not effective, since developing sensitization (stability) of microorganisms. The reception system of this type of drugs is justified only when the detection sensitivity of microbes to the active components.

Treatment of weeping leg sores or foot necessarily involves the use of local medicines. As practice shows, are the most effective antiseptic solutions:

  • dioksidina;
  • yodopiron;
  • Miramistin;
  • Prontosana;
  • Lavasepta.

After the treatment, the wound transfer of funds necessary to put the drug ions, nitrates or sulfatazolom silver, for example, Argosulfan.

It should be noted that the proposed therapy scheme sometimes gives rise to side effects from the use of antibiotics, such as:

  • allergic, contact dermatitis ;
  • eczema.

Previously, it was common treatment for venous ulcers and streptotsidom ointment containing antimicrobial ingredients (levometsitina, tetracycline), but it became clear that these funds do not help. Treatment of skin damage is not given antiseptic removes most of the bacteria, and petrolatum ointment composition prevents weeping drying surface and does not provide tissue healing.

Napkins for the treatment of trophic ulcers - a relatively new method of preventing surgical intervention. These tools allow you to quickly clean the wound of pus, to accelerate the regeneration of the skin. The most effective:

  • Multiferm;
  • Proteoks-TM;
  • Comfy Plus;
  • Beate;
  • Gidrosorb.

With frequent relapses of the disease is recommended to use radical techniques in the form of transactions using conservative or laser methods (curettage, vacuum, catheterization, suturing of fistulas). During the event completely removes dead tissue and inflammatory lesions, normal blood flow through the veins.

Treatment of venous ulcers folk remedies

In the sometimes unconventional methods are used as additional therapeutic measures.

Curd compress:

  • Prepare their own cheese.
  • Rinse sera from ulcer product.
  • Locate on a wound piece of soft cheese.
  • Cover with parchment paper and compress bandage.
  • Leave for an hour, carefully treat ulcers antiseptic.

Treatment with tar:

  1. Wash the wound with homemade vodka.
  2. Soak a cotton ball or gauze bandage the size of the ulcer birch
    Trophic ulcer on his leg - treatment
    tar .
  3. Apply a compress on the skin surface, gently wrap it fully against your skin.
  4. Leave on for 2-3 days, and then replace a new bandage.

Vishnevsky ointment:

  1. Cauterize the dead tissue on propolis tincture alcohol.
  2. Liberally apply Vishnevsky ointment to the ulcer.
  3. Apply a sterile bandage on top, folded 8 times.
  4. After half an hour to remove the wrap.

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