Why hurt the heel?

Why hurt the heel?

The main function of the heel - it is the depreciation, because this part of the body is constantly experiencing severe stress. Quite often when referring patients to the doctor worried about the question of why the feet are sore heel. The causes of this disease may be uncomfortable shoes, it is low quality, injury or illness.

Why hurt the heels on her feet?

Discomfort in the heel indicates the development of some diseases that can be identified by characteristic symptoms.

Plantar fasciitis

Disease is formed as a result of wearing tight flat shoe for a long time. In this case the entire surface of the foot there is a thickening of tissue that may be complicated by the deposition of salts.

Heel spur

If untreated, plantar fascia occurs heel spur , which is a build-up of accumulated salts. The disease often affects the elderly, people with obesity, neurodystrophic changes and rheumatism. Total pain subsides a little, however, it begins to hurt the foot in the heel area in the morning. This is due to abrupt load limbs after a long rest.


The cause of discomfort can be gout - a hereditary disease caused by a failure of metabolism. However, the disease is often seen in people who abuse coffee, fish, meat and offal. Usually the pain disturbs at night.


Inflammation of the Achilles tendon and causes that the heel hurts, foot swells and reddens. Affliction is formed as a result of injury or metabolic process in the body. Drawing pain worried constantly amplifying the motion. When complications arise tendon rupture.


Rooting heel on the left or the right foot may due to arthritis - inflammation that spreads to the tissue disposed between the heel bone and toes. Most often, the pain bothers the morning, when walking up the stairs, and after prolonged standing on tip-toe.


Infection (often sexually transmitted, such as gonorrhea or chlamydia) causes the formation of heel inflammation. Identify the disease can be on circumstantial evidence. As a rule, the illness manifests reactive inflammation, which is characterized by the occurrence of pain even at rest, unpleasant sensations in the genitals, inflammation of the eyes and joints. In this disease, the greatest intensity of the pain becomes night.

Sore feet and heel resulting from the injury.

tendons Contusion

Strained tendons that occurs due to impact on it. The first stage is characterized by severe pain, swelling, difficulty in flexion of the foot.


tendons Tramirovanie also arises due to the sharp turn on the spot. Aching under the heel of the right or left foot lovers often have high heels. Often the effects of sharp objects encountered on the way, causes severe pain and wounds.

bone bruise

Why hurt the heel?

The cause of the disease can be a heel injury that occurs as a result of falling from a height on landing on your heels. At the same time, patients complain of severe pain, which is gaining in intensity during the motion.


Bone fracture is accompanied by the inability to fully stand on the foot. The external sign of the heel is a deformation inwards or outwards, its swelling and expansion. Also on the sole of the foot there is bruising.

Identification and treatment of the disease should be carried out only by a physician. The final conclusion is made only after the X-ray. Regardless of whether the injury was, it is important to consult a specialist such as a surgeon, neurologist, oncologist and Tuberculosis.

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