Wax polish

Wax polish

Today invented many effective tools to help maintain the beauty and health of nails, both in terms of interior and home. One such tool that is gaining popularity in the application - cosmetic wax polish. About how to use wax polish, and what is its use and talk on.

What is a wax polish?

Wax polish - means on the basis of beeswax, intended for the care of nails and cuticles. Its main functions are as follows:

  • the power of the nail plate;
  • giving your nails shine;
  • softening rough skin around the nails;
  • protection of nails and cuticles from drying out;
  • protection of the nail plate from external aggressions.

Also important is the fact that beeswax has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal action. Thus, this tool helps to heal cuts after manicure and prevents the development of inflammation.

Wax polish is recommended for everybody, and especially with such problems:

  • dull, without gloss surface of the nail;
  • separation and brittle nails;
  • slow nail growth ;
  • dry, rough skin around the nails.

wax Nail Treatment

Main procedures performed using a wax - sealing and polishing nails. In fact, these two procedures are identical, and are based on the fact that the nail is covered with a thin wax film which is kept a long time. This film helps to protect against penetration of nails fungal infections, chemicals (including nail varnish components and nail polish remover), and also to prevent moisture loss.

Use wax strengthen nails can be at home. Consider the stages as seal (polish) your nails wax:

  1. Using nail file, give your nails the desired shape. It is worth noting that if you want to improve your nails, you should refuse to cut-off the cuticle , as it protects the roots of the nail plate. Manicure can cause deformation of the nail, which appears in the grooves, as well as delamination, brittle.
  2. Apply to the nail plate and the skin around them a small amount of wax. Prior to this, a jar with a means, if necessary, can hold a few minutes in the palm of your hand clamped to the wax warmed and softened. The wax should be spread thinly and rapidly absorbed by the nail and cuticle.
  3. Process the nail plate nail file polishing with a soft rubber surface before sliding sensations (each nail is processed for about a minute).

The effect of the procedure will be noticeable immediately. The skin around the nail is softened, looks neat, and nails themselves are equal, transparent and shiny. On request, then you can use the nail polish - medicinal or ornamental. This waxing influence on the stability of the varnish does not have, and then nail polish remover retain excellent condition.

What wax polish to choose?

Wax polish

Choosing wax polish, you should pay attention to its composition. First of all, it must not contain mineral oils, which are petroleum refining waste. Cheerleaders have bright color means and a pronounced odor.

It is best to give preference to the wax, composed as additional nutrients and caring components introduced vitamins, natural fatty acids and essential oils and herbal extracts.

Among the waxes, polishes, which are in demand, it is possible to allocate funds from manufacturers such as DNC, Belweder and L'OR.

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