Swelling of the ankles - Causes

Swelling of the ankles - Causes

It is unlikely that there is at least one person who in his life faced with swelling of the ankles and related discomfort, reduces the quality of life. There are many causes of ankle edema, which can be divided into several categories depending on their gravity and the ability to affect the entire body.

Why swollen ankles?

The most common causes of ankle swelling, not associated with the functioning of the internal organs and the presence of any disease are the following:

  • long stay motionless sitting or standing;
  • insufficient intake of fluids;
  • pregnancy;
  • certain days of the cycle in women;
  • receiving drugs that can cause fluid retention;
  • exercise in improper shoes, bad ankle support.

There are also more serious causes swelling of the ankles, namely:

  • being overweight and related health problems;
  • the tendency to high blood pressure;
  • various heart diseases, liver and kidneys;
  • severe allergic reactions;
  • problems with venous blood flow;
  • improper functioning of the lymphatic system;
  • arthritis;
  • all sorts of foot injuries, leg and hip joints.

We should also be said about the swelling after an ankle fracture, which occurs in most cases and is kept for quite a long time to complete fusion of the bones of the foot and the recovery of motor functions.

What can cause swelling of feet and ankles?

If the swelling of the ankles and are rarely occur spontaneously within a few days, it may only cause some inconvenience in daily life, but none will not lead to serious complications. Also, do not worry too much if swelling occurs during "critical" days or periodically during pregnancy (for example, after a day spent on your feet).

If the swelling and pain in the ankle become constant companions, it creates unwanted pressure on the blood vessels and veins that may eventually provoke inflammation of the skin and subcutaneous blood vessels, varicose veins and even venous ulcers.

What if much swollen ankles?

The best and, importantly, the safest method of disposal of ankle swelling is lifting the legs up above heart level. The easiest way to lie on the bed or on the floor on a soft mat, raise your legs and leaned them against the wall and lie so 15-30 minutes. Moreover,

Swelling of the ankles - Causes
if only one swollen ankle, the need to raise up still two feet, so as not to create a difference in blood pressure in the left and right foot.

Sometimes it is justified short-term use of diuretic drugs, which should be taken only after consulting a doctor. If the causes of ankle swelling is any malfunction of the body, chronic or acute illnesses and injuries, all treatment will be aimed primarily at addressing the underlying problem, which, in turn, will help get rid of the swelling of the ankles.

If you can not identify yourself why swollen ankles, you should see a doctor, who can determine the cause of the swelling, and advise how to deal with it, or to assign a specific drug therapy.

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