Ingrown nail laser removal

Ingrown nail laser removal

Ingrown nail - a fairly common problem for many people. In medicine, this disease sounds like an ingrown nail. Most often this happens is with the thumb on his feet.

Among the many common causes of this disease are as follows:

  • narrow and uncomfortable shoes;
  • properly manicured;
  • fungal foot lesion ;
  • congenital predisposition to this problem;
  • pathology on the basis of orthopedics of the foot;
  • flat feet .

The disease is particularly dangerous for patients with diabetes and poor circulation in the legs. If time does not solve the problem can be followed in the event of complications of infection in the damaged tissue.

Surgical removal of the ingrown nail

The traditional method of treatment is surgery. If you look at it from the aesthetics and safety, it is not the best option. The principle of the method lies in the complete removal of the nail and can say that the problem is not solved, but only worse. Such wound usually heals about 6 months, which brings inconvenience and discomfort in frequent cases. The patient after surgery is difficult to wear closed shoes, especially the winter version. The operation does not take much time, but if excessive bleeding is sometimes very hard to do everything correctly and accurately. Noticeable seams in the future, and there is a high probability of recurrence.

Laser removal of ingrown nail

This is the most efficient and effective method for the treatment of this disease. This operation is performed by a physician specialist with special equipment. Before the operation it is necessary to conduct a survey and verify the absence of other pathological diseases. For example, diabetes mellitus.

Laser correction of ingrown nail requires some preparation. The first thing to do - to donate blood for outpatient analysis. This is done to determine the presence of blood sugar and other infectious microorganisms. Also on the site of the ingrown nail conducted pre-therapy, which is the use of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ointment. As a doctor appointed by a separate course of antibiotics during the usual five or seven days. If the case is quite running, make an X-ray to the patient.

Laser treatment of ingrown nail - Benefits

  1. The high efficiency of this method. This technique allows to remove not only the problem but also the cause. The achieved result is guaranteed for a long time, because the number of patients, faced again with the problem only 1%.
  2. Minimal tissue damage during surgery. The laser does not touch the healthy part of the nail, in cases when surgery involves the complete removal of the entire nail. Ingrown nail surgery removed, and a healthy portion of the nail remains intact.
  3. Short period of rehabilitation after surgery. The minimum traumatic effect of surgery allows the patient is already in a few days to feel
    Ingrown nail laser removal
    freely and comfortably.
  4. The laser has a bactericidal action, so during the operation eliminated all fungal infections. This minimizes the risk of a further problem, as well as foot fungus.
  5. The operation takes place without bloodshed, so the aesthetic side of this procedure is the most appropriate option. Since the operation involves only a partial removal of the nail, ie the infected part of the nail is a common type of remains in order. For women in the future wearing open shoes will not incur any problems.

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