athlete's foot

athlete's foot

The term athlete's foot brings together a whole group of diseases, which pathogens are filamentous fungi and yeast and mold fungi (less common).

Athlete's foot - the types of the disease:

  1. Athlete's foot. The type that is characterized as fungal infections of the skin feet and hands. 4 has a shape that can flow together and affect other areas of the body smooth skin.
  2. . Rubrofitii most common type - athlete's foot and nail. Virtually no disease symptoms or symptoms that cause discomfort. It determined solely on appearances.
  3. Inguinal athlete. Localized in the inguinal folds, eventually spreading to the inner thighs and buttocks.

Existing forms:


  1. Intertriginoznoy.
  2. Squamous giperkeratoticheskaya.
  3. Disgidroticheskaya.
  4. Erased.


  1. Normotroficheskie.
  2. Hypertrophic.
  3. Oniholiticheskaya.

Athlete's foot - Symptoms

Common clinical signs of the disease:

  • on the affected skin cracks and itchy blisters;
  • there is roughness of the upper skin;
  • appear diaper rash;
  • damaged skin eventually becomes softer and peeled large scales.

Symptoms of athlete's foot intertriginoznoy form:

  • cracks and peeling of the skin stop;
  • itching and burning soles;
  • vesicles often filled with pus due to infection and ulcers remain after their opening.

Symptoms of squamous-hyperkeratotic form of athlete's foot:

  • strong coarsening of the entire surface of the sole of the foot;
  • deep cracks on the heels, or near them;
  • loss of both feet at the same time.

Signs disgidroticheskoy form:

  • It appears strongly itchy watery blisters on the skin, which then merge;
  • after opening rashes occur extensive sores (skin erosion);
  • mycosis occurs and on the hands.

Symptoms of athlete's foot erased forms:

  • minor hairline cracks between the toes;
  • mukovidnoe peeling of the epidermis on the soles of the feet.

This type of disease is so poorly expressed symptoms that often go unnoticed for a long time.

Inguinal athlete

Symptoms of this type of athlete's foot are identical common clinical przinakam whole group of diseases.


Normotroficheskie form is manifested as a change in nail color to yellow.

Hypertrophic form is characterized by thickening of the nail platsin and acquisition of a dark gray color.

Oniholitiechskaya shape not only causes color shift of the nail, but significant deformation, followed by its exclusion.

How to treat athlete's foot?

Athlete's foot - Treatment of folk remedies:

  1. At night, apply a gauze bandage impregnated with novocaine, to the affected areas.
  2. Make bath of strong coffee (for 15-20 minutes in the evening).
  3. Lubricate the affected skin with alcohol tincture of propolis.
  4. Wipe clean the painful area of onion juice.
  5. Make compresses of pine oil (30 minutes).

Traditional medicine

athlete's foot

Athlete's foot in any form requires treatment, which is carried out in two phases: the preparatory and the local primary.

During the preparatory stage, the removal of dead cells of the epidermis afflicted with fungal spores. In addition, with the help of special tools eliminated the possibility of infection and inflammatory processes are stopped. Sometimes, with a significant destruction of the nail plate, they must be mechanically removed.

The main stage of the treatment of athlete's foot is applied to the inner and taking antifungal drugs. Adopt integrated medicine - ointment or cream athlete's foot (Kanespor, Mikospor).

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