Treatment of varicose veins laser

Treatment of varicose veins laser

Varicose veins - a progressive disease of the leg veins, treatable, in which the veins of the lower extremities dilate, blood flow in them is broken and there are abnormal nodes in the venous wall. The disease is dangerous because in its background is gradually developing thrombosis. Consequently, forming clots that threaten death when separated from the vessel walls. In our time, to get rid of varicose veins is quite possible, even in the latter stages.

Stages of development of varicose veins

There are 4 degrees of varicose veins, following one after another. Unfortunately, patients often do not pay attention to the first two, significantly complicating the fight against disease. Consider all 4 stages of varicose veins:

  1. Initial varices. At the age of 25 years can be shown the first signs of varicose veins - pain, swelling, heaviness and fullness in the legs, especially after a long working day in a sitting posture, heels or standing. Usually these symptoms disappear after a short rest, especially with raised legs. No change in the skin is not visible.
  2. The first stage. Symptoms of early stage added periodic burning sensation, numbness, tingling and cramps in the legs, as well as the visible spider veins and venous knots. Already at this stage is to consult a doctor to find out how to remove varicose veins and prevent disease progression.
  3. The second stage comes a few years after the first. With this degree of varicose veins significantly enhanced swelling and pain in the lower extremities. An increasing number of spider veins and nodules.
  4. The third stage. It comes in the absence of adequate treatment and is characterized by severe pain in legs with varicose veins, persistent swelling , venous strongly bulging knots that periodically burst, forming ulcers. Such ulcers difficult to heal after them visible scars are formed. Also, when the inner varicose veins observed constant dryness and itching of the skin, easily cracks. In addition, changing the leg skin color, it becomes dark brown.

Treatment of varicose veins

Methods of treatment of varicose veins are divided into conservative and surgical.

By conservative methods include medications and compression therapy products. Of drugs relieve inflammation, increase venous tone and stimulate the circulation of blood in the vessels. Compression treatment is performed using an elastic bandage or special hosiery - socks, socks and stockings in 4 compression classes. With this treatment the disease development is suspended, reduced swelling, improved lymph flow.

Surgical treatments are applied at strong varices, when conservative treatment fails. The most modern and gentle method of varicose veins laser treatment is considered. The method of laser coagulation of varicose veins on an outpatient basis, which is one of the advantages.

Removal of varicose veins with a laser

Removal of varicose veins laser endovenous conducted, ie through a vein.

Treatment of varicose veins laser
It makes a small puncture of the vein at the level of the inner ankle, where the laser fiber is introduced. Then, the inner wall of the vessel is irradiated with a laser and Vienna, as it were "sealed." The procedure is performed quickly, safely and painlessly, after which the patient can immediately get up and walk.

The absence of seams and a short recovery period makes the laser method of choice in the treatment of varicose veins in the absence of contraindications. After surgery, you must wear a compression garment for a week around the clock, and then during the day for two months.

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