Asterisks on your feet

Asterisks on your feet

Despite such a beautiful name, asterisks appear on the legs is not attractive and tend to bring enough trouble to their owners. Speaking in medical terms, spider veins on the legs and are called telangiectasias are dilated blood vessels that appear most often in the popliteal hollows. This disappointing statistics - more than 50% of women (and this phenomenon is, alas, is more characteristic of the female sex) mark at the presence of telangiectasia. And, contrary to popular belief, the owners of such "decorations" are often not only the middle-aged ladies, but also young girls.

Immediately it should be noted that the majority of spider veins on the legs do not endanger the health, if not only are the initial stage of varicose veins. But aesthetically it is this cosmetic defect often gives a woman to wear short skirts, shorts and swimwear, provoking the emergence of systems and experiences.

The causes of spider veins on the legs

In fact, the exact causes of spider veins on the legs so far are not yet fully understood. It is believed that the main role in the appearance of telangiectasia hereditary predisposition plays. Thus, if your grandmother or mother suffered from the presence of spider veins on the legs, you are at risk. This does not mean that you will always catch up with this disease, but to take some preventive measures will not prevent:

  • go in for sports, particularly running, gymnastics and dance. This will strengthen the muscles and vessels of the legs;
  • Avoid long-term stress on the legs. As is known, it is better to walk than to stand up, and it is better to lie down than to sit. If you have a job connected with permanent residency in the upright position, take it a habit to lie down for at least half an hour with raised legs after a day. To do this for them, you can put a folded blanket. Before going to bed make a small foot gymnastics;
  • Take time to time infusion of nettle;
  • also helps to prevent the sprocket on the legs douches;
  • discard the shoes with high heels, instead, opt for a model with a comfortable wide heel of medium height.

Treatment of spider veins on the legs

"There are stars on their feet - what to do?" - This question women often turn to phlebologist - physicians involved in the treatment of blood vessels. Indeed, if the purple-red "spiders" have already appeared, prevention methods to get rid of them, but with the help of modern medical and cosmetic procedures - is even possible.

One of the most reliable and effective methods of laser therapy is considered. Special "vascular" laser helps to remove the asterisk on his feet for a few sessions and is completely painless. The operating principle of this method is based on the fact that the beam penetrates through the skin, "solders" damaged vessels. It lasts only a few minutes of the procedure, and at its end can be easily poisoned home.

Also very popular now enjoys the removal of spider veins on the legs with sclerotherapy. In this case, the modified-vein sclerosant administered drugs that stimulate endothelial cell protein coagulation. This lumen clogged (creating sclerosis).

Asterisks on your feet

Microcurrent therapy - another effective answer to the question "How to remove an asterisk on his feet?" This is a physiotherapy method based on the effects on the body of a weak pulse current. By acting on the circulatory system, it contributes to venous outflow, improves condition of vessels.

How to treat veins on the legs without pain?

But the most advanced treatment for telangiectasia considered radiowave surgery where the scalpel works are carried out high-frequency wave. During a short and painless procedure, vascular cells are sealed. The undisputed advantage of this method is the lack of edema and the need for rehabilitation.

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